"Shadow Work" - What ~ How ~ Why?

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In anyone's understanding, shadow-work may seem like a phrase for a scary work related to shadows and dark energies, however it is a bit more detailed than that.

Shadow Work comes from the practice many of us do when we want to improve ourselves, in the sense that a Shadow Work is in fact a sort of Light Work.

What is Shadow? Shadows are repressed, rejected or disowned parts of our psyche, things about reality that we pushed away for the sake of acceptance (or/and survival).

When we talk about Shadow Work, it is the process of re-integrating those lost parts of ourselves.
Here is how I see it:
Imagine reality as circle, for every person the circle is a bit different but the circle is always infinite possibilities when completed, well if we were to want to be closer to someone out of love whose circle does not accept everything while ours does... we would need to discard some stuff from our acceptance circle in order to adapt to theirs and be more compatible.
In such way, this can work in many ways and its not always out of trauma per se, in my opinion it is important to realize that a shadow can be anything we deem as unacceptable in any context.
It is not only about personality, similar to what I mentioned on my "Ego" post few moons ago.

Shadow Work implies accepting the rejected parts, we do not have to make them our personality but at the very least we can have them as "potential" instead of "impossible", therefore we do not have to consider them as "possible" either... only potential.
That's the key here, potential. They do not have to be, they "can" be in some parallel reality lets say.

Indeed, another way I look at it is, what if we are multi-dimensional (at least the core of what we are), what if that multi-dimensional version of ourselves can see all possible lives we could have lived, what if one of those lives were something that in our current life we find controversial in some sense, well... the tension we feel in the thought of it is a reflex to a shadow.
Its like having two currents of energy going against each other, both currents is us, so... its an unwinnable battle an a cease fire has to happen at some point.

Obviously we do not want something to happen or be the case but we may have it as something real in another reality. Of course thats a metaphor but who knows, right? 😉

That being said, shadow work takes some practice and it can take from years, days up to even instantly.

It is a process of being "okay" with possibilities. If we consider something as possible but not necessarily preferred, we ease the tension.

I will be posting about something that came to me in another post called "The Ultimate Shadow Work", something I really thought about while delving into that idea.

If reality is a circle and we only accept half of it, then we are not honest to ourselves and trouble may begin to follow.
Best course of action is to take our time and re-merge back to ourselves the fragments which got scattered around due to the illusion of separation and be brave to find and reunite them.

Shadows are not scary after all... we made only threw them off the void below the surface just like Spartans would throw their babies off the Mountain simply because they did not match their society standards and were deemed unacceptable, the disowned are bound to come back since they have nowhere else to go, how else are we to be anywhere near complete...

Maybe if we shed some light onto them they will reveal a beautiful possibility that we never considered before, maybe reveal a path or unblock one that we wish to walk towards.

We can still adapt to our daily life in alternative ways, as long as we are at peace with all our repressed parts (even just cognitively) that will be a great help for our soul to find peace, tranquility and happiness.

Remerging those fragmented parts of ourselves together to fee the wholeness which is rightfully ours.

Thank you Very much for reading 🙏 and have a wonderful rest of the day! 😊

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