Didn't fly, but soon will

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2 years ago
And so you touch this limit, something happens and you suddenly can go a little bit further. With your mind power, your determination, your instinct, and the experience as well, you can fly very high.

- Ayrton Senna -

I began a new job this week, a management role in transport logistics, and I've been busy. I was supposed to fly out on Monday to the companies' head office in Brisbane but someone got sick with the covid-bastard and the trip was postponed until next week. I've spent this week acclimatising to the new environment, the information technology, processes and procedures and basically just settling in. I've thought a lot about the job also, how I'll roll it out moving forward; basically, evaluating and contemplating the as is situation.

I'm not unaccustomed to change and, considering this role is a decent jump away from what I've done for the last twenty years or so, I think I'm handling it well; having the right attitude helps of course, and I do.

I've had to work at it though, and will also next week when I'm at head office meeting the team there and going through some intensive training to help bring me up to speed more rapidly. Having said that, I know what I know, have skills and stand by them. It'll be great to get some company-specific training though and to have the chance to demonstrate to the up-chainers that the faith they have placed in me was not misplaced.

I'm flying on Sunday morning and will spend the afternoon and evening wandering about Brisbane city, which I love.

They have arranged a pretty nice looking hotel for me which is great as after each day at head office I'll go back there and work a little to make sure what I've been doing over the day has sunk in. They have a company car for me whilst I'm there so I'll be mobile but it's unlikely I'll use it other to get to the head office location and to pick up food. It's nice of them to do so though as they could have told me to take Uber's instead.

I'll be back on the following weekend, unless they extend the trip which has been talked about. I'll not mind either way really, in fact, I see a benefit to extending rather than flying home then back up in a few weeks again. We'll see I guess.

I'm pleased with my new role so far. The company seems switched on, the chain of command from me to the very top is only three people long, and they've demonstrated a willingness to support me which indicates they also do the same with the rest of the team; a good team-environment makes for a happier and more productive company. I'll need to perform, there is no doubt about it, but as Ayrton Senna says above, one can fly high by using the power of the mind, having determination, good instincts and by applying past experiences to a task. So, I'll just do that.

That's what my weekend is going to be about this weekend; Saturday preparing to fly and Sunday flying. How about you?

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2 years ago


a very fun activity for me who reads, but boring for the author, because the author has a flight that is delayed in the next 1 week due to the covid condition that occurs.

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2 years ago