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Changes, my situations between weeks

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2 months ago
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Greetings beauties, I hope all of you have an excellent start to the week. We are about to finish the month of May. In this my sister turned 17, it won't be long before she is of legal age. This month has been somewhat special, and the truth is that her last few weeks even more so.

One of the things that we all submit to in this life is change. And the truth is that it hits us all a little and others a lot. I think that in my case it has been or will be, rather, the coming changes. That has kept me under anxiety and expectation about things, since they are not happening according to the things that we have been planning with time, however we continue in that wave of short-term planning according to the circumstances since we both like it the organization to a certain point, and much more so when this involves the monetary element.

Speaking of that point, and getting out of the context a bit, I want to express that in recent days I have felt anger, given that Danna is growing up and with it her pranks. She had never broken anything at all, we have always been aware of things of value here in her residence and to train her. However, when she has to sleep it is almost impossible to be there on the lookout.

I was a victim of her pranks, in the room there are many cables, even once she bit one and got electrocuted, I thought that from then on she would be afraid of her and would not do it again, that's how it was... for a while. Well, the girl decided to break the laptop cable at night while she slept. That immediately crossed her surnames to me, I wanted to kill her, because I plunged into desperation since most of the things I do depend on that; without a laptop there is no money or work.

The fat man tried to fix it, but he couldn't, I really said that I was going to stay calm because if I took the situation seriously I don't know what my tantrum would be capable of. Firstly because I like to have my things original and in good condition, and secondly, I already said it, I work from my laptop and even university studies will take place that way... or so I think.

I take this opportunity to change the subject to the university environment. I don't know if I had commented on it in a previous post, but I asked to re-enter the UDO to study Administration under equivalencies. I think that the collection of papers and shipping was easier than the process of re-entry as such by them.

The communication between the University and the students is depressing and due to this my re-entry was cumbersome enough that I had to think that it was not a good idea to do it this year.

As a result, they had given me 18 credits to register for 15 subjects to watch. I was happy but I did not know that I was going to live an ordeal for the annex, because a colleague teacher told me that classes had started almost 2 months before; You can imagine my stress.

I had prepared a schedule of 6 subjects, of which I only received 3 answers, 2 positive but late and another that attached me instantly. The culmination of all this is that once I receive the annex, they also send me the information that is a subject for equivalence (this is new, they just did it this year at that moment lol).

So, as no other professor answered me and others did already 2 weeks after contacting them, I said that I was going to withdraw the only subject, do the equivalency and start the following semester as required by law, even if I had some kind of penance for it. withdrawal.

That was the worst...

I made my payment to enable the withdrawal and it took 7 days to receive a response when it should have been 48 hours. My annoyance was 99% for not adding another 9 xD, and I'm sure they did because I started writing on all social networks about the incompetence of the admission department, so demanding and exquisite that they are OFU!

Well the thing is that I already made my withdrawal and I must legalize it with my fingerprint, signature and other things that require a letter among them... and OBVIOUSLY, I am going to take advantage of spilling blood there in a diplomatic way, because the truth is that It's not fair, but anyway, we must not remain silent.

These weeks there have been conflicting feelings, in my personal case I am going to reserve mine, however there have been family things that have left me thoughtful and somewhat worried. I speak in a general way and not specifically, but I believe that people have the right to be happy and when there are children involved and they are of legal age, things are easier in my opinion, however, when it comes to an old couple... the situation changes.

These days Jose used to tell me that he hated the scene where people mourn their dead, when days and years before they turned a blind eye. I share your sentiment, I think it is quite hypocritical, however, I have changed in that sense and instead of fixing my eyes on the hippos I will do it for the victims or those who really need my attention, so well... I have been leaving the budget over and over again.

Jose and I still don't have a place to live other than to rent, however we are about to build, it is literally like that. I'm not going to talk much about this because it hasn't happened, however my expectations are high between the pros and cons, because you have to be realistic, I always am, even though some say I'm negative.

I have been experiencing physical changes as well, so I decided to do some exercise at home to see if that way I can control myself a bit, but I know that my body is asking me for attention in a certain way and that I must be under medical control, since my hormones are firing everywhere inside me.

There are many things that are changing in my life, and the fact that they all come to me like this in a group is something frustrating or rather exhausting.

A few days ago I had a dream about a tsunami and what I searched for on the internet about its meaning left me thinking even more than I already do daily, but well, I am prepared for it in one way or another, I am not alive and here for nothing, I think that every bad event I've been through is because I've had the ability to overcome it.

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Written by   24
2 months ago
Topics: Lifestyle, Life, Wellness, Blog, English, ...
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