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Hi friends, Happy new week to you all. Today I would be writing about living a result oriented life. As humans, one of the greatest desire we have is to get a positive result in all our endeavors. No one doesn't like results, as a matter of fact one of the most inspiring things in life is to see that what we do is productive and yielding.

It is extremely important that we all are result-oriented. It is a quality that inspires us to be successful in life.
In as much as, we have dreams we desire to fulfill and heights we desire to attain, this core value is a quality we must possess.

Being result-oriented is not all about setting targets for accomplishment. Neither is it about drawing plans that will aid you into executing the dream or attaining the height.

Result-oriented is a mould of consciousness and thought pattern that drives you to see possibility in what you is doing and also, push you beyond the limits to make sure that each task, target, plan, step, height and dream is achieved via every necessary means.
Anyone who is result-oriented is accomplishment-driven. The person is not just moved by plans but inspired to make sure that everything takes shape for the plans bears the desired result.
The attitude comes with a passion to see that you are not just busy doing lots of activities but you are busy doing activities that bears fruits. In a nutshell, being result-oriented is being passionate about productivity.

As simply defined as it is, anyone can be result-oriented, in fact, everyone should be. We all need to be productive in whatever field or endeavor we find ourselves.
Being productive delivers to us the following:

  1. Urge to be more successful - anyone who is making progress in life will always be inspired to make more progress and accomplish more things. Therefore, getting result at one level of life inspires you to press for another.

  2. Being a source of inspiration to others to become successful - you will become an emblem to reckon with when it comes to achieving possibilities in that field.

  3. Less inferior - the taste of success positions you to feel less inferior when it comes to the discuss of accomplishment in that given community.

  4. Fear killer - once the ground is broken - once we have a taste for success, we have been able to kill the fear of the unknown and bring to life the passion to birth results.

To develop this attitude into something that one is able to bring on board in everything one is doing and into being a core value, it requires you to recognize the following tips:

  1. Always recognizing why you need to succeed in whatever one is doing per time - like they say "when purpose is unknown, abuse is inevitable." Understanding the "why" of anything gets you inspired to pursue it. Why do you need results in what you are doing?

  2. Be dogged and optimistic - things that matter are sometimes hard. You must be willing to stay in the process to see it through and be positively motivated, knowing something great is going to come out of what you are doing.

  3. Invest - fill your information bank will quality knowledge on how to execute and achieve your dream. No matter how result-oriented you might be, you can easily get frustrated if you don't know how to accomplish your dream. Invest your mind via reading, seeking counsel and research on how it is done before you begin to pursue your goals.

  4. Focus - your heart has to be on the mark. You must press in with all your energy to see that your efforts are not wasted. Little moment of distraction can turn you away from what you want to achieve.
    Your eyes must be immovable from that which is ahead of you.

  5. Plan - if you fail to plan, you have planned to fail. You must have a roadmap that will guarantee your way to the desire success. So, what is your goal and how can it be done?

  6. Guides - seek to have accountability measures around. Find a friend, mentor or coach that you will become accountable to concerning everything you are doing, the processes and whatever you are achieving on each step. Set for yourself a reward system on each step you accomplish. Accountability measures are set to monitor and motivate you to press into your goals and weigh if you are still result-oriented or not.

  7. Challenge your results - paste on your board things you have achieved in time past and set higher expectations for yourself. This helps you to break into new paradigms and ensure you are not going through the same circle of results.

Know that progress is good, and a sign of prosperity with a bright future. No one reaching for the stars in life will like to associate with stagnancy. You must thrive to move forward if you want to be influential at the end of the day.
I urge you from here to be result-oriented. Yes, you have to be careful not to put results above relationships present in your life. Don't trample upon people or use them because of what you want to achieve. Don't abuse or undermine people when you are pursuing results or succeeding. Carry the next relationships along and show love at all levels to everyone.

Focus on your dreams and press into getting results - your life is important because many people are tied to your success story, therefore, press into the drive.

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