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one man's trash is another man's treasure

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1 month ago

The meaning of the phrase is Waste, unlike garbage, can be reused in other activities and thus give new life to that which seems unusable.

but from another area, as in our daily life, sometimes for various reasons we leave opportunities just because we feel that we can not finish with that goal that is implanted when there is an opportunity in life but we waste it as if it were nothing, there comes the second in the plane that comes to take that opportunity and when it is too late we are regretting seeing it taken at the time.

to prevent him from entering into that repentance.

analyze well the opportunity if it is something that can help you in life or simply may be a waste of time if you try, there comes the dilemma (what would happen if I do not try ...? ) of course the question is that if you do not try at the moment it all depends on the time you choose to take that opportunity that you are given for whatever goal you are considering, of course the decision making may be difficult, but it is to be sure to continue even if you do not take that opportunity sometimes the best opportunities are those that those who reject the moment because they did not take it, in that case turn that opportunity into a treasure if you see that it is good in everything, love, money, work, etc.

the question

the question is that each person's decision whether to take it or leave it all depends on you, if you become subject 1 or subject 2, and this is a very relevant aspect in our lives, in making decisions in the long or short term, as it may have more or less security in taking opportunities, Of course this will depend on you if you take it, not always this dilemma sometimes a bruno silence is good but sometimes you have to listen to our conscience sometimes if things do not look good either in a desperate or sudden moment in our life, as if you were in danger.


I simply make this small reflection, since I or as my friends, we have wasted valuable opportunities because we thought they were garbage, when we realized that in the end those opportunities were taken by others and were successful because I wanted to give that point of view because maybe you're missing many things clear at the time or in the future who knows sometimes life is somewhat relative and unpredictable, and when we realize it is too late, something will always want the trash, when another that garbage can be very valuable and take advantage in life.

I hope you liked this reflection because I have not had many ideas lately and I have not been at home for the last day so I will be back soon with interesting articles on other topics that may be of interest to you for your economic wellbeing...

so pandoru1997 says goodbye until a next article and don't forget to visit my channel to find more information that can help you until the next one.

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Written by   9
1 month ago
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