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nakamoto's ghost

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1 month ago

this Craig Wraight character is the world's biggest buffoon at the top of the big list of opportunists who only want fame and money in the easiest ways since the truth, history tells who gaining indulgence with other people's scapular that without doubt this guy has nothing to do with the creation of bitcoin since he claims to be the one who created it since he does not show a part of his work itself.

no doubt the creator of bitcoin is hidden is for something because like any creator gets into trouble when his invention is very revolutionary when the ancient masses do not tolerate such an invention in their daily life thing that the world is always cruel or just not ready for big step in what was the creation of bitcoin itself as it would literally change the way the world moves as an evolution of how the economy works over the years giving all our value to a digital object which we can not, feel, smell or touch.

without a doubt our understanding of how we see the world is respective to what I want to get with all that satoshi nakamoto since it is even an alias that name does not want to be revealed since the fame of this gentleman is so incalculable that not even he himself would withstand the pressure maybe they are that person who will never be truly relavada since or possible mind is seeing all the disaster that his invention has caused in the world or simply died knowing that his invention was revolutionary and with him kept a treasure. they will never be truly relived because they are either seeing all the disaster that their invention has caused in the world or they simply died knowing that their invention was revolutionary and with it they kept a treasure maybe inside a hard disk in some shelf or in a safe or in plain sight.

who knows satoshi nakamoto not only for fear of revealing his identity simply understandable, he managed to be a ghost within our global social system by being a fictional character as an avatar of our video game called life.

Since this master earned the hatred of countless corrupt government and system of the exchange rate regime of which we are currently governed as a simpler alternative as a way to solve everyday problems as a decentralized currency even if not everything is rosy because as it serves for the good so well to serve the evil of our world person that is used to make money laundering among other illegal things for something is the basis of everything we know today as bitcoin an invention of more than 10 years ago whose creator may feel a love hate his invention who knows when it may appear and make his own again simply revolutionary may be again this anonymous gentleman.

back to the subject no doubt if in the world there is a nasty person like Craig Wraight saying that this man is the inventor of bitcoin which is the true answer whatever it is he died along with Hal Finney who in his last breath held his last breath knowing the true identity of who satoshi nakamoto was.

What is certain is that his ghost still haunts the world of the Internet, still guarding its most valuable treasure lost in the haloes of time of today's global computer network.

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Written by   15
1 month ago
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