How to get free Bitcoin

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The natural way to generate bitcoins is to mine them, however the difficulty of finding them continues to increase exponentially and today to mine bitcoins increasingly sophisticated specific equipment is needed that consumes large amounts of electricity. For these and other reasons, mining has remained within the reach of a few and different options have emerged that allow obtaining bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies with methods within everyone's reach.

Are the ways to get free bitcoins safe?

We know that sometimes cryptocurrency operations can arouse fear because they are not so standardized mechanisms for many people. That is why, in this space, we want to provide you with the necessary tools and knowledge to obtain free bitcoin. These are the safest ways, since they have been in operation for some years and they work without problems. We invite you to get to know them.

There are two popular methods that allow you to get free bitcoin:

Bitcoin PTC (Paid To Click):

These are websites that offer payments in satoshis (one hundredth of a million BTC) for clicks on advertisements. Some of the most popular sites are:

  • BTCClicks: With several years online, this PTC site continues to pay today. It offers ad display and paid referral system. It is free and has no country restriction.

  • ClixCoin: Relatively new website that has, among other options, an auto-surf ads mode that allows you to earn satoshis just for having the site open while the ads are displayed. Payments are received instantly, it is completely free and works for all countries.

  • adBTC: Registered in 2016. Like the previous ones, it is available to users worldwide and also offers "autosurfing" with limited ads. The minimum payout is achievable (10,000 satoshis).

  • 2Captcha: It allows to generate income by solving captchas and pays through cryptocurrencies. The minimum payout is USD $0.50 (in satoshis) and any wallet can be used to receive earnings. Accessible to users from anywhere in the world.

  • Criptowin: this is one of my personal selections you can earn in 2 ways that would be ptc and the other by referrals.

Bitcoin Faucet

These are websites or applications based on reward systems that award one satoshi (one hundredth of a million BTC) when visitors or users complete a task or pass a captcha recognition. These are some of the most popular faucets that I personally use:

  • FreeBitcoin: Founded in 2013, FreeBitcoin is considered one of the best faucets today. It accepts any Bitcoin wallet, is free and available to users from any country.

  • It has been operating since 2012. It has five ways to earn free bitcoins, including a faucet where you can claim satoshis every five minutes. It is free, available to users worldwide and offers the lowest minimum withdrawal ever, 500 satoshis.

  • Cointiply: It has several methods to get free bitcoin, not only faucet but also PTC. It also offers a wall of offers, a gaming section and a CPU mining option. Payment modes include FaucetHub, DOGE and any Bitcoin wallet (Coinbase, CoinPayments, Hodly, etc). It is free for users from any country in the world.

  • Autofaucet: with a few months active so far it has been paying well just not disappointing me at all minimum amount is 1 satoshi which is the most amazing both doing micro task or through referrals can generate up to 20% income and can not only bitcoin but as well multiply cryptocurrencies from the full catalog just enter your preferred crypto address and withdraw.

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