Evolve resurrects after 4 years

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reactivates its servers 4 years later after community requests

The multiplayer of this title closed its servers in September 2018, but now it is back and so is your interest in it.

2K has done something that no one expected at all. The American company has reactivated the Evolve servers after they have been closed for 4 years, which has resulted in incredible news for fans of this title. What's more, it has been the version of Evolve: Stage 2, the free PC version.

However, this fact has its story behind it. It turns out that a few users were enjoying Evolve in P2P mode to play with friends, until a few months ago it stopped working. After fixing it months ago, 2K has decided to reactivate the Evolve servers.

In addition, users can get various cosmetics for the characters as they were disabled during this time, according to NME. As a consequence of this news, the interest in Evolve has increased, and that can be seen on Steam DB. At the time of making this news there are 865 users playing the title. On Twitch yesterday almost 26,000 peak viewers were reported.

On September 3, 2018 they closed the servers of this title, which considerably reduced its players. All that would be missing would be to add it back to Steam for the number of users to climb again. Even so, the latest released by Turtle Rock Studios is Back 4 Blood, the spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead.

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