because life is as it is

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life from one's eyes can always vary from person to person as everything in this life requires us to be something clear from my point of view it is rare to take the time to appreciate and have patience when one can afford it in a certain way to appreciate all that is around us.

because we ourselves are required to be someone in life because they say it is for our own good and it is true because if you think about it, we can simply allow ourselves to waste every minute of our life doing what we like most until we reach a point where we get bored and start something new that will ignite that spark in our mind to be healthy and stable either physically, economically or socially, of course it sounds very nice in theory but in practice is where everything really puts us to the test.

the obstacles

what would we be without the obstacles that life gives us, all those things that make the game difficult, the truth is that this is the purpose that life gives us to continue living in this game, since it can be full of many factors more than everything daily or not so daily, everything depends on whether our mind, body and soul can overcome it in the paved road of life, otherwise what joke would the game have?

no matter what the obstacle is, work, family, social life, etc. Obstacles are all-encompassing.


the risk will always be there latent even when we are sleeping, eating, resting, playing, it will always be present in our life day after day for something they say live as if it were your last day has a lot of meaning in those phrases of course no matter what you want to do just do it all without questioning anything whether good or bad just as it is written our beginning we will have an end whether good or bad.

because he who does not risk does not win


people's lives are as they are sometimes for better or for worse nothing more the game of life everything we can do whatever we want even though like any game always has its rules and limits life is one clear where anything can always kill us no matter how insignificant it is life always takes risk even those that are very silly or important everything depends on the situation, the place, time and moment to live because if you do not learn to live then you will miss out on many good and bad things...

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