11 Russian trucks that have made history

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From 1924 to the present day, the Russian automobile industry has created a veritable mastodon of cargo that has made history over the years up to the present day.....

1. AMO-F-15 (АМО-Ф-15)

It was the first Soviet truck. The AMO-F-15 appeared in 1924 and was based on the Italian Fiat 15 Ter. It served as the basis for the first Soviet bus, of the same name, and for the first mass-produced armored vehicle, the BA-27.

  • top speed: 50 km/h

  • power: 35 HP

  • payload: 1500 kg


The GAZ-AA was created in 1932 and was almost a copy of the American Ford-AA, although it had several changes. About 985,000 examples of this vehicle were manufactured and the GAZ-AA was the most common truck in the USSR in the first half of the twentieth century and had countless participations in wars throughout its production time as well as many variants for different utilities.

  • top speed: 70 km/h

  • power: 35 Hp

  • payload: 1500 kg

ZIS-5 (ЗИС-5)

It was the first Soviet truck exported en masse, in the 1930's. It was widely sold in Spain, Afghanistan, Iraq, Romania or the Baltic countries, among others. During World War II was the main truck of the Red Army, both on the front line and in the rear in addition to bringing multiple functions as well as served as the basis for the famous Katyusha fearsome rocket launchers trucks.

  • top speed: 60 - 70 km/h

  • power: 73 - 85 Hp

  • payload: 3 tons

GAZ-51 (ГАЗ-51)

During almost 30 years of production (1946-1975), almost 3.5 million vehicles were produced. This made the GAZ-51 the most common Soviet truck between the 1950s and 1970s, as well as the basis for the development of fire trucks and intercity buses.

  • top speed: 70 km/h

  • power: 70 Hp

  • payload: 5 tons

ZIS-150 (ЗИС-150 )

The ZIS-150 was a truck manufactured between 1947 - 1957 which this and the Gaz-51 were the most common trucks in the USSR which as a curiosity reminds the International Harvester K-7. In fact the cab was copied from the American truck although other parts were designed by Soviet, Romanian and Chinese engineers so well it had different configurations for multiple use as well serving as a Katiusha rocket launcher as well as its chassis so well suited for buses and special cargo vehicles.

  • Top Speed: 65 km/h

  • power: 90 hp

  • payload: 7.9 tons

ZIL-130 (ЗИЛ-130)

One of the most successful and popular trucks in the automotive history of the USSR. Safe and durable, the ZiL-130 was produced for more than half a century, between 1962 and 2014 until today served for multiple use not only for the construction area as a dump crane truck as well as urban use for difficult terrain was the most typical truck of the Soviet Union that currently remains in service.

  • top speed: 90 km/h

  • power 150 Hp

  • payload: 10.5 tons

KrAZ-255 (КрАЗ-255)

This Soviet truck that was produced between 1967-1994 was used in both civilian and military duties. It was especially popular among engineer troops. Its modifications made it useful for lifting pontoon bridges and transporting large cargo such as timber. It could traverse extremely difficult roads thanks to its 4x6 configuration with all-wheel drive all-terrain tires and was able to cross rivers and difficult access roads.

  • top speed: 71 km/h

  • power: 240 hp

  • payload: 10 to 30 tons

Gaz-66 (ГАЗ-66 )

The GAZ-66 manufactured between 1964 and 1999 was the Soviet answer to the German Mercedes Benz Unimog, being a much lighter truck and with all-terrain capabilities but with the only disadvantage that it had less load capacity than other particular trucks, in spite of everything it was a very useful truck for simple tasks for both civilian and military use as well as to fulfill the role of emergency vehicle and tanker, service truck.

  • top speed: 90 km/h

  • power: 115 hp

  • payload: 5.8 tons

KAMAZ-5320 (КамАЗ-5320 )

kamaz-5320 without a doubt one of the most iconic and recognizable trucks from the soviet era to the present day modernity one of the most outstanding everyday trucks of all from 1976 to 2000 manufactured and exported around the world in its different variants its capacity and durability has made them stand out as one of the toughest trucks in the heavy transport and everyday segment as well as its special variant for dakar which is a kamaz specially modified for the rallydakar competition around the world which would be the KamAZ- variant. 4911 and KamAZ-4326

  • top speed: 100 km/h

  • power: 210 hp

  • payload: 15 tons


Ural- 4320 manufactured since 1989 until today is undoubtedly the all terrain truck par excellence for its tough resistance in difficult and impassable roads as well as its power and load capacities and its different configurations for various complicated tasks has made it a super truck suitable for any need that requires off-road power. for both military and civilian use this vehicle served even the worst natural disasters as an example in the 2005 New Orleans hurricane the Mexican army sent a crew of these vehicles to expedite rescue operations since the emergency service trucks could not reach the areas highly affected by the storm.

  • Top speed: 70 km/h

  • power: 210 HP

  • payload: 6 tons

BelAZ-75510 (БелАЗ-75501)

Created in 1991, the BelAZ-75501 became the largest long-distance truck in the USSR. It was also the last. This giant, more than 6 meters high, 15 meters long and 8 meters wide, was capable of carrying 280 tons of cargo. It was certainly a beast but despite having passed extensive field tests in the end this vehicle did not sign any agreement for mass production and only a single prototype was created which throughout the 90s was moved to another coal mine which suffered damage due to an accident which ended its 10 years of use in 2000 it was dismantled and turned into scrap.

  • top Speed: 40 km/h

  • power: 3150 Hp

  • Payload 280 tons

well here is my top 11 of the soviet trucks that I found very interesting for my next top I will bring soviet prototype that never turned out...

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