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Are you currently entangled in the captivity of the heart?

Feeling like there is no peace, there is sadness, crying, failure, uncertainty, worry and destruction. Tears keep falling from time to time, you feel like kindness is no longer on the side of body and soul.

Try to think about it..

Actions and actions are future consequences meaning what we have done today forms the basis for a goal the next day. The journey of a very sad life will reap endless inner pressure, there are many stories that we should have witnessed out there that will become an experience. The body that was shaken by the hard stone of the road made us fall on the dry grass that was almost dead, the angels were only witnesses and did not help. What have we done, think about it..

The cry of a small child, the scream of a wife throws all the pain in the heart when many loved ones leave. Why did the disaster exist? Think about it..

The sky, sun, horizon, moon, stars, oceans and oceans are witnesses to the tragic life we ​​have to experience, can we ask them? they are just silent a thousand languages. Think about it..

Life in the beloved land seems to be without love, everything has left leaving a mark of sadness that will not be forgotten until time separates life and footholds in the homeland. Why is there a sad story? Think about it..

Is it possible..

God is tired of the actions and actions we have done that have violated His rules and will.


Source : https://pixabay.com/id/photos/pria-kesendirian-pohon-condong-1156543/

We never regret the actions we have done that are always proud of our sins so that water, earth, fire and wind are no longer friendly to us.

Think about it...

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People now don't give remorse to evil actions, they do it like it's a norm and life understand. I think God has not yet given up on us, He still Care that's why things are still bearable. If He turns His back at us and decide to treat us with the way we violate His, it's gonna be straight arm on us

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2 years ago

The proof of God's love is endless, an important point of the word "caring".

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2 years ago

My friend, your article was really thought provoking and pondering. I wish people knew the consequences of their actions and sins. I wish they knew that any mistake they make can cause damage to their lives, to those around them, to their children and to their surroundings. I wish people would become wiser and more responsible for their actions over time.

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2 years ago

Many events that occur are warnings, thank you for this wise thought, friend.

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2 years ago