Old Cars: No Need for Luxury But The Result

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Greetings to all of you! the bloggers who never stop spreading inspiration, may Rusty always accompany you all.

This Sunday marks the beginning of my return to read cash, it's been a few days since I've been away to publish articles because of my work and busy life in the real world, which continues to give prefixes and suffixes for my whole body, soul and body. Today I went to my brother's house who lives a little far from my house. His house is simple but he has a good enough source of income to support his family. You want to know the source of his income?

No need to look fancy

But look at the results

He has a car that is old or old, if in my area this car is called a Datsun car. It is red in color but its aging is very visible and can be seen from its brittle and rusty shape.

The front view of this Datsun car no longer has a model (out of date) if it is easy for children to say it (it is old, you can hang it). Maybe in your area, items like this will be immediately put in a museum or thrown in the trash to be used as iron smelting material or recycled, but in contrast to my area, items like this can still be used as a source of living income. This old car has always been a living part of my older brother's family because he always uses this item to transport harvested materials from the farmers in my area. The wages for transporting materials are indeed very tempting for a class of income in my area, even he can earn up to 40 $ a day. The number of farmers in my area seems to provide an opportunity for him to get a very good source of income. This also continues to happen because almost every week many farmers harvest their agricultural products and one thing also encourages farmers to plant because the price of the harvest is also satisfying.

No Matter, Old Or Rusty

But still able to run

The bottom side view of the ball does look like a car on the battlefield, the ball is old and the iron is torn apart.

The inside view is very stunning, it's not like that •^=^•. The handlebar stri is outdated but can still steer to turn, turn and lead the way in the right direction and destination.

That's the story of the old car owned by my brother, although the car looks simple but the results are extraordinary. ***

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It doesn't matter if it is old but as long as it still in good condition. That one is very useful.

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1 year ago

Yes, its use is the most important because finding income is difficult when it comes to style, it's a secondary matter.

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1 year ago