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Today I am grateful because as people who believe in God can enjoy the big day of Christians by commemorating the ascension of the Lord Jesus to heaven. I go to church to attend the morning service with gratitude I enjoy this life even though there are many turmoils in my life, but His love and love for me never ends and I always feel it every time.

My departure to church was a little late because I woke up late in the end all my preparations had passed the service hours and schedule but I tried to come to church because of my lateness I ended up having to sit on the terrace of the building because inside the building the seating was full of tranquility I had to sit on the beside the flowers blooming under the terrace of the building.

After the service was over I was fascinated by the beauty of the wave of love flowers or in its Latin name Anthurium maybe this flower is very familiar in the eyes of flower lovers but one thing that I am proud of is that this flower has special characters and characteristics that other flowers have never had, despite my understanding about flowers not so deep but my mother always taught me about knowledge about flowers.

This is the center shot of the love wave flower or in Latin Anthurium has a towering stem with purple and brown colors.

I took a few shots on my cell phone and I looked at it carefully and it turned out that this flower has a different look, in the middle there is a stem that rises high up like a tower with two different colors purple and brown both have the same character but only the color has changed.

The leaves are wavy and the characters are quite attractive long and pointed, the leaves are quite hard to the touch.

The leaves are green and so wide like elephant ears and their long and pointed shape stretches to the left and right. One thing that is most unique is the shape of the leaves which are wavy and quite hard like plastic material.

The roots come out of the stem in a small cylindrical shape as a strong puller for food from the soil.

When I looked down at the stems, I saw that this flower has strong roots that other flowers rarely have, my analysis is that this plant is very strong in absorbing food in the soil so that its cylindrical fibrous roots are large enough to anchor in the soil.

The closest shot to the roots that do not form patterns like abstract and interconnected.

The most interesting thing is that the roots arise up to the stem, meaning that the roots of this flower come out of the stem but do not form something clear, such as an abstract like a rope wrapped around an unpatterned wood. I was very happy to see it even though I had to sit on the outside of the building but I was proud to be accompanied by a unique and interesting flower plant.

That's my story for today, to the big family of I wish you a happy commemoration of the Ascension of the Lord Jesus to Heaven for those who celebrate it. Jesus bless you.

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I haven't seen that kind of plant here in our place and so I found it so unique, specially the flower. It's really interesting to see that when it's started to bloom it has a beautiful purple colour and when it's getting older the colour change.

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2 years ago

I love plants and I never seen that plants here in our place.Its such a lovely plant😍

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2 years ago

You said so beautifully my friend, our love for God never ends. Anthurium is very beautiful, and this plant is rare and expensive in our area, because it needs a special climate. This plant is really beautiful, especially since it has such strong roots.

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2 years ago