Diseases of Different Nature

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I was curious when a few days ago my friend came to my house using a motorized vehicle. He came to see me to discuss one of the organizational programs that we created a few years ago. We live in an underdeveloped rural area, so this organization is very important for us because one of the goals of this organization is to develop the potential of rural resources, especially in agriculture.

I'm actually not very active in this organization because of my work that I do at the office every Monday to Friday, the office where I work is in an urban area, so it takes a few hours for me to return to my house in the village. That's what makes me not always follow the activities of this organization plus my background is not in accordance with the activities of the organization, I only have knowledge according to my education in the field of economic management while the organization that was formed is almost 100% aspires to be in the agricultural sector.

It might seem very silly when I have to be there but one thing maybe they always contact me to participate in this organization because of my education factor, you know that in my village which is still lagging behind it is still very rare to find someone who has a high educational background or a bachelor's because most of the The people in my village only graduated from elementary school and junior high school. Although my education and my degree may have influenced them so they look for me but it doesn't make me proud or arrogant, I just always follow the flow of this organization's goals because I also can't talk much about agriculture, maybe I just give them advice on organizational management because it is also very necessary for organizational rules and structures.

I've been talking about this organization for too long and the topic is different, let's move on...lol.

When this friend of mine got to my house he sat talking to me while he lit the cigarette he had taken from the pack. He is the head of our organization, although his education is only elementary school graduation but he is not an empty can or drum when smacked loudly, he has a great capacity when talking about agriculture because he has been successful and successful in that field, so many villagers respect him very much.

He exhaled smoke from his mouth and he started to talk about the organization, as he spoke, my eyes only looked at his curvaceous and curvaceous posture, as a young unmarried person, I thought maybe he likes to eat and he eats a lot, my silly thoughts come out lol.

When he told a long story about the organization, I only became a loyal listener because of my capacity as an ordinary member, I suddenly flinched to see him screaming while squeezing his side waist, I asked him what had happened, he only replied that his side waist hurt. I thought maybe he sprained because of his uncomfortable sitting position so I took some oil to massage his waist but he told me that this pain he was suffering from wouldn't last long maybe just a minute, after a while he started to breathe easy maybe just a minute feeling the pain is gone but I'm also not sure how long the pain is because I also don't look at the clock on the wall hanging in my house, only focused when I see him screaming in pain.

After he returned to normal and did not feel pain in his waist, I asked him about the disease he was feeling, he only replied that it was a normal thing that he often felt. I became confused by the situation that happened to him, I wanted to discuss more about the disease he was suffering from but he just told me that there was no need to discuss it because it was just a trivial matter that I felt. I became very surprised when he said that and since I too am a person who respects other people's privacy then I do not continue to discuss it. After he finished talking about the organization, he said goodbye to go home using the motorized vehicle he had used when he came to my house.

I sat on a chair leaning my head and I started to think about what happened to my friend when he was at my house, I became a very curious person, maybe if I measured my curiosity level reached 1000%, because one thing was also odd about that incident , when he said that this disease does not need to be discussed because this is just a common problem that he often feels.

I also thought, maybe if he had a disease he would definitely tell me about it but this is very strange and doesn't make sense.

After nightfall, my mother told me that my friend who came to my house at noon had been taken to the hospital. This information was received by my mother when she went to a shop to buy spices, it turns out that many people had been talking about this problem while my mother was there.

Hearing that, I immediately went to the hospital using a motorized vehicle. After I arrived at the hospital I went straight to his room and I saw he was sleeping and being looked after by his parents. I asked them about his illness, his parents said that the doctor did not find any disease in his body. I was very confused by his parents' answer, it was impossible in my opinion because he himself felt pain in his body while when the doctor examined him, the doctor did not find any disease in his body.

It's beyond logic, what happened to my friend. I was just silent hearing the words that came out of his parents and indeed I was confused as to what kind of opinion should be issued with this unreasonable incident. When I was in the room, suddenly several people entered, they were family members of this friend of mine, because I felt uncomfortable with the situation in the room which was starting to be filled with his family so I immediately left the room and went home.

When I got home, I told my mother about what had happened to my friend and my mother said that perhaps he has experienced the misfortune of the hands of evil people who made him suffer, they used black magic to transmit disease to him. My mother told me again that, in my village there used to be strange things like what my friends had experienced and some even died because of actions carried out by people who used evil spirits, they used a special place to perform rituals by using evil spirits. media or place for burning, they use wood, frankincense, flowers etc.

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My mother advised me that I should always pray to God and always be close to Him because only God is able to protect us from this devil's work. I began to understand everything that had happened and I realized also that we live in this world still side by side with the forces of darkness.

Doctor's Performance About the Diseases of the Dark Powers

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As a doctor and a medical team tasked with treating and curing patients, they may also have known about this mystical thing when they examined patients who were sick but whose disease could not be detected.

In this day and age, we can see very large hospital buildings with super-sophisticated tools available in them, all of these supplies are to support the performance of doctors and medical teams treating and curing patients' illnesses, there are even some hospitals whose fees are very expensive because supported by reliable doctors in their fields and sophisticated tools that have been specially made to assist the performance of the medical team.

But, what about this disease of a different nature, can they cure it?

We must also be aware that doctors and medical teams are also ordinary people like us, they are only able to treat patients suffering from detectable diseases because the existing sophisticated tools may not be able to detect diseases that originate from spirits, as has happened. on my friend.

Maybe many patients and family members will be angry when the doctor examines the patient's body and the result is zero, they may ridicule the medical team including the hospital, when the doctor's statement is very confusing and can only say according to the results of their examination. Doctors may also have privacy about this kind of thing and not to be published.

Performance of God's Servant Or Pastor

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Like my mother's message to me, that I always pray to God so that He can be protected from the power of darkness.

I once heard the words of a doctor when I was in the hospital visiting one of my sick brothers, because the room where my brother was next to a patient who was very seriously ill, the doctor said to the family of this patient that we have tried our best but the patient cannot again being healed, we only rely on God because only by His grace and miracles he can be healed. This sentence conveys the meaning that the duties of a doctor and medical team are very limited and only the power of God is above all.

This is closely related to the performance of a servant of God or a servant of God who will help the medical team or doctor to cure the illness suffered by a person due to spirits or the power of darkness. Because God's power is unlimited when he works to heal patients' ailments and destroy diseases from the powers of darkness.

Every disease that comes to us we may need a doctor or a medical team but we must know that not all types of diseases can be cured by them because they are still limited human beings.


God has unlimited power, past, present and forever.

Thank You!

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Since I was young I always hear about that witchcraft...and I don't know if it is really true

Yet it is common in villages

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2 years ago

Village people's beliefs are still very mystical, because there is still a lack of socialization for religious spirituality, maybe in urban areas it is still stored.

$ 0.00
2 years ago

I agree, though sometimes I am still applying some supertitious belief in the village.. I guess because I was used too

$ 0.00
2 years ago

This is interesting! From what have come to understand, Spiritual diseases can not be cured by medical doctors. Most times they will scan the whole body to find the sickness but their scanning yields negative

$ 0.01
2 years ago

It is very difficult to detect a mystical disease because it cannot be seen and felt.

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2 years ago