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Many people ask and don't understand about Rusty's performance, maybe I'm like that too, just guessing whether he's coming today or he doesn't care. What we find attractive may not necessarily be attractive to him and what we may find unattractive may be attractive to him.

Every day time, energy and thought are devoted to this platform, how we work and continue to work without stopping. You probably know the consequences when you work for a field owner who has a very large field even a year's time may not be finished with the work you do and when you work all day, you expect to get paid for your sweat but because you don't work hard If you are consistent then the results of your work are complained by the land owner and finally your wages are not paid.

Will you feel sad? maybe you will scream like a madman who has been possessed by a demon and bark like a dog seeing the face of an unknown person.

Bitcoin cash has flown and continues to flow to all of us. When we wake up in the morning, we will see how much bch we have earned after a few hours we leave the platform because we need a break to work the next day. There are those who smile with happy faces, sad with teary eyes when we see the red notification from the account we use. Happiness and sadness become the conclusion of the story every day before we close the book when we sleep.

We search for treasure in a wide valley, meet people from various regions, regions and countries who have different backgrounds in language, ethnicity, race, class, social status, rich and poor into one so that a community of treasure diggers is formed. stored.

We may hope that we can find the treasure by various means of digging. Maybe already deep in the hole we dug but finding little or nothing, we may lose our minds to find a solution so that the treasure's existence can be found.

Is there a sophisticated tool for us to use so that we can detect the treasure?

There have been many ways that have been done by workers to find conclusions from the questions above but so far all have been to no avail. So some farmers assume that keep digging, digging and digging because maybe the treasure is in the hole you are digging.

Some of the workers had to leave because they were tired of the situation, some had endured for years because of the perseverance of those who had obtained part of the treasure. Those who endure patiently will surely reap with a smile but those who are impatient they will leave with their heads bowed.

No mercy those are the words that come out, only drink and food that other people can give when they see you talking and interact with them when they see you are thirsty and hungry but they will not always be present the same way they sometimes are also do not care about you because they also often get little results.

Who will keep us going? the answer lies in each of us if you want to get the treasure then fight because looking for money is a sacrifice, life is a struggle. Being rich or poor is your decision and not someone else's right.

The treasure is still there as long as the valley is not closed only we will dig it up. Surrendering to circumstances means you are not a warrior.


Grandpa, Grandma, Dad, Mom and your Kids are waiting for you at home they need food and drink.

So, fight!!

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Indeed, we have to keep on digging as no one can really get you success but your self, if you won't work for it don't expect anything. Success is all about our perseverance and hard works.

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2 years ago

it's a positive sentence that fits the circumstances and the reality that we face.

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2 years ago