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What is Daily Fantasy Trading?

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1 month ago

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) has grown by leaps and bounds the past few years. From Fan Duel to Draft Kings and a host of new competitors entering the space each day. I wonder if the pandemic has feed the growth of this industry. I think so, as many people have found a variety of ways to make money, with DFS being one.

Also the last few years, many people have ventured into trading and investing, particularly with stocks and crypto currencies. Even within the field of crypto, some people have made a great deal of money trading DeFi and now NFTs (Google those terms if you don’t know what they mean).

Now a new company has launched into the Daily Fantasy realm. is a daily fantasy trading site where instead of picking winning sports teams, you pick winning stocks or crypto currencies. If your picks are the highest performers of the day, you win. TradeChamps even offers you the option to go long or short. That means you can go short on an asset with the expectation of it decreasing or go long if you anticipate a price increase.

TradeChamps is still in beta and they are running a campaign for early adopters to help build the membership and participate in the growth.

So all of you builders, influencers, and early adopters join today and get rewarded your efforts. This earning opportunity may be another stream of income for those who are striving to have multiple sources. So, consider becoming a TradeChamps builder, you might just earn additional income in the process.

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1 month ago
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