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2 years ago

TradeChamps is a new daily fantasy trading platform for stocks and cryptocurrencies. Players create virtual portfolios using $100K in virtual cash and the best performing portfolios of the day win crypto prizes.

If you can tweet, you can earn!

The traditional business growth model is to take capital from investors, advertise to grow the business, then return the resulting rewards to the investors.

At TradeChamps, we're flipping that on its head and allowing our initial members to help spread the word in exchange for sharing profits with them as we grow.

Earn a Percentage of your Referrals' Contest Entry Fees

Whenever someone you refer enters a fantasy trading contest, you'll receive a percentage of their entry fee.

Future TradeChamps revenue generated by your referrals from non-contest sources may also be shared.

This can result in a residual income stream for you.

Referral Win Bonus

Whenever someone you refer wins a fantasy trading contest, you'll receive a bonus equal to 10% of their prize amount.

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