Light scrambled eggs

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Scrambled eggs are a classic breakfast in many countries around the world. Easy, quick to execute and very economical, rich in proteins and nutrients that gives us that morning boost. They are also a great solution when you’re in a hurry and santa a light meal, and for this reason, this is a frequent option for many people. Another advantage of scrambled eggs is the fact that we can make them in different ways, as it is enough to add a wide variety of ingredients to our taste, as the eggs combine with almost everything.

But whenever we put scrambled eggs in a hot frying pan, many things can go wrong, from choosing the, to the seasoning.

Over time I was adopting a more careful and healthy diet, and of course, as I love eggs, I couldn’t leave them aside because of the fat used in making them, so I started adding a little water to the scrambled eggs.

Water?! Yes, the steam created by the evaporating water ends up cooking your scrambled eggs evenly, which means that you will not overcook the base, but make sure to keep the heat medium / low to not burn out.

This method is healthier because it can also reduce the amount of oil, olive oil or butter you put in the pan, as the water helps the eggs to cook evenly, without the extra fat.

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Dear,eggs should be cooked properly.They have salmonella bacteria dangerous for health.No doubt Scrambled egg make dish delicious but 1st cooked egg properly.

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