What is the father's role in the family?

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Greetings friends of the @JustWrite community, it's been a while since I've posted content here. But I want to touch on a topic that interests me and I think I can express it here in a better way.

 throughout history the maternal role has been more evident. In times past the father was a much more authoritarian figure, aspects such as tenderness, caresses and love were more obvious in the behavior of mothers with their children. Although this publication is a personal opinion on what the role of fatherhood means



Fatherhood is the bond that we fathers create with our sons or daughters, a bond that develops and transforms over the years. Of course, providing financially has been and will continue to be a very important function of the father, but it is not limited to that. While the mother is dedicated to breastfeeding and recuperating during the first months of her baby's life, the father must guarantee the provision of resources to his family, especially since the mother cannot yet participate in work duties for obvious reasons. This is true for most animals, especially mammals.

As I said before, the father's role is not limited to providing resources to his family. The father raises, cares for and educates together with the mother, helping her to pass gas during the first months, to clean and bathe the baby and the different tasks involved in caring for a baby. Then, as the years go by, the father figure transmits security, respect, love and understanding. As the years go by, the father tends to be more upfront than the mother when it comes to disciplining the child. In general, the father brings a sense of family cohesion and protection, so the children feel that. I have talked to many friends who did not have a father present and they all tell me that although the mother took care of everything and gave them all the unconditional love possible, they lacked the paternal presence. A good father brings that feeling of being within a structure, the father motivates and disciplines at the same time, with respect and love. Thousands of years of hominid evolution have led us to have this family configuration, it is not arbitrary, it is not by chance. The father matters, that is why when I see those cases where there are separated couples and the mothers do not let their sons or daughters see their fathers, it makes me very sad, because without knowing they are doing enormous psychological damage to their children.


The maternal and paternal roles complement each other, neither is worse or better, for the cognitive development of the child, the family structure will always be better. Of course, there are many reasons why this does not happen, divorce, violent or alcoholic parents etc.. A present father will always be an important factor in the development of the individual. So if you are a DAD (even if you are divorced) remember, provide, nurture, educate, protect and respect your child, until the day you must leave this world. While life is short, raising a good human being into the world is a great life purpose.

I want to share with you a video about the impact that the absence of the father has on the human being. Today we talk about modern family configurations, but the father figure will always be necessary in the life of an individual, there are thousands of years of evolution that will not be changed by cultural issues.

I want to give a special thanks to my sponsors and the #JustWrite community for allowing the space to be able to publish content about what we love to do. I have nothing more to say but to wish you all a happy day and success.

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