Creating content : A necessary skill today?

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Hello my friends of the "Just Write" community, it is a pleasure to share with you another publication of my own. I think it will be a very interesting topic, stay and read on!

With the beginning of the industrial revolution, the need for human labor to meet the requirements of industries and factories began. Thousands of workers began to exchange their labor power for money (salarium). In this way, human beings were educated for a technocratic society where you could have some luck and be born into a wealthy family or be born into a working class family, dedicated to work without rest.

Then, mankind took a big step. With the invention of the television, the telephone and the computer, the informatic revolution began. It is said that the computer is to the digital revolution what the steam engine is to the industrial revolution.

Technology has quickly become something we need in all aspects of life, even the most mundane. Now we are talking about online jobs or remote jobs. You can easily create a web page from Venezuela for someone who is going to pay you from the USA. This is just an example.

Content creation as a monetization opportunity.

A new phenomenon emerged from this whole digital world. People who made videos on streaming platforms and blog writers began to realize that through their talents they could get some money in return.

Now, with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, many platforms have emerged that reward you for creating content. Content can be a video where you explain for example, how to format a computer or an article about skin health, it can also be pictures that tell a story, a song that you upload to soundcloud, a poem or many other things.

I believe that making an effort to learn how to move within the digital world is a necessary skill in this interconnected world. Well, you can decide not to do if you don't care. But you'd probably be missing out on valuable opportunities.

How can I start creating content?

If you are not very familiar with technology or computers, you may have to work a little harder. But trust me, it's worth it.

You can start on platforms like where you can get as a reward fractions of BCH (Bitcoin Cash) there you can share pictures about your daily life, if you are a poet you can share your poems, you can share anything you find interesting. Of course, this is not going to replace your work necessarily, but it can give you some extra money.

Either way, there are many ways you can monetize all that time you spend on other platforms that give you absolutely nothing for using them.

My conclusion is that if you are young and have a device with an internet connection, you have a wealth of opportunities that you are probably missing out on. But I'm not one of those people who badmouths traditional jobs. I am a biomedical engineer and also a content creator on decentralized platforms where I get cryptocurrencies in return.

You don't need to quit your job to create content. Although you definitely need to dedicate time to it. It's just a matter of organization and you can do it. I work and make my publications for different platforms. I just organize my time very well.

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See you in a future publication.

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I think so too. Technology, today, opens many facilities. It is a good idea for young people to focus on the most detailed study of the computer and implicitly of the Internet. The future is not waiting!

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2 years ago

Thanks to you for your comment. It is always good to learn about new technologies and how we can benefit from them.

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2 years ago

Yes content marketing is becoming one of the best and necessary opportunity for all of us .thank you for sharing.

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2 years ago