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What is Venezuela Workers (

Venezuela Workers is a website intended to serve as a platform for the use of venezuelan freelancers and international employers interested in completing remote or digital tasks and jobs under a budget that is economical and accessible to anyone, while both parties achieve a beneficial deal.

This platform is currently powered by cryptocurrency, specifically Bitcoin Cash (BCH, allowing instant deposits (zero confirmation transactions), and an escrow system for fair negotiations. One of our key elements to solely operate with venezuelans is to offer a website that allows people in need and crisis to get opportunities outside their country through the internet. 

The development team:

The development team of our project currently has one main director, Oscar Salas. Likewise, it is conformed by a team of developers made up of two (2) people and a team of promoters made up of five (5) workers, all of them located in venezuela, not-including the lead programmer which is located in Europe. 

Objectives as a project:

Among our objectives, we aim to provide an optimal and effective mechanism to employ and obtain employment through a platform that has a sophisticated and user-friendly interface, powered with Bitcoin Cash for payments, a method to transfer value without barriers, while offering constant low fees and fast transactions.

To summarize everything in key points, our objectives are:

  • Grant employers the privilege of providing job opportunities to venezuelans who currently, more than ever, find themselves in an accentuated crisis both economically and professionally.

  • Expand the circulation and use of Bitcoin Cash through remote or full-time jobs. This has great potential to serve as a method of economic remuneration for a growing group of people in Venezuela.

  • Being a recognized platform, whose popularity predominates due to its technical and operational efficiency, as well as the offering of works and results of broad excellence.

Elements that our platform currently has:

  • Intuitive, novel and aesthetic design for the homepage.

  • Publication of jobs and tasks with concise specifications, initial or unspecific budget open to offers.

  • Workers who can apply, offer prices to the employer other than the established and attach work documents if required.

  • Escrow system, which protects both stakeholders from the risk of fraud: In this way, the money is retained on the platform until the work is correctly completed by mutual agreement of the employee and employer.

  • Deposits and withdrawals in Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

  • Multi-coin deposits with

  • Alliance with, to allow users to exchange their Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to Bolivares (national currency in venezuela).

  • Profiles with complete customization: You can place basic information, curriculum vitae, external links for social networks, image gallery, web portfolio, studies carried out and much more.

  • Button to send “tips” to the profiles of each user.

Objectives to accomplish with the funding:

  • A more updated, intuitive, flexible and attractive user interface. The users will obtain helpful tools to make easier the use of the platform.

  • A re-branding of the website, changing logo and user-interface elements, planned to be deployed by the end of the year. With this, we aim to demonstrate brand qualities, and obtain a new corporate image.

  • Work on new improvements for the base code of the platform to make it more efficient, while also offering new tools for the users. 

  • Promote the platform and its advantages, both nationally and internationally.

Details about our current payroll

The current expenses of the platform include the collaboration of the workers with their payments, promotion expenses and the total invested per month.

  • Support/secondary developer:
    $250 US dollars per month.

  • Lead promoter:
    $50 US dollars per month.

  • Promoters (2):
    $60 US dollars per month.

  • Content creators (2):
    $65 US dollars per month.

  • Community manager and designer:
    $130 US dollars per month.

  • Total investment from monthly Payrolls:
    $555 per month.

  • Extra expenses for promotion:
    $325 US dollars. 

  • Current investment, per month:
    $880 US dollars.  

Our Lead developer and main director are currently working with no payroll established. All of our workers are currently located in Venezuela, except for our lead developer.

Budget and goals expectations

We estimate to receive a total of 102 BCH for the use of 12-months work. The funds will be used in the following areas:

General administration of the platform:

It is estimated to receive a total amount of 20.16 BCH for a 12-month work period.

  • Lead programmer: 

    It is estimated to receive a total amount of 20.16 BCH for a 12-month work period.

  • Junior programmer:
    It is estimated to receive a total amount of 18 BCH for a 12-month work period.

  • Rebranding and design:
    It is estimated to receive a total amount of 18 BCH for a 12-month work period.

  • Promotion:
    It is estimated to receive a total amount of 25.68 BCH for a 12-month work period.

    Promotion budget details for a 12 months period:

  • Advertising and financing:
    The promotion will be through spanish and english speakers YouTube channels whose contents are related to our platform, aimed to attract new employers and freelancers. It is estimated to receive a total amount of 5.68 BCH.

  • Financing the team of promoters:
    It is estimated to receive a total amount of 10 BCH for a 12-month work period.

  • Financing the team of community managers:

    It is estimated to receive a total amount of 10 BCH for a 12-month work period.

Estimated dates for results

Our team estimates to show the first major change by the end of 2020, announcing the rebranding of our platform, as well as a renewed website in certain visual aspects. Finally, in mid-2021, we plan to have everything ready for our final website version, allowing new tools and sections for employers and workers to publish their services.

Transparency plan

I (Oscar Salas) will be posting our transparency files through my personal  account (, giving monthly updates on the progress and the usage of money, while also attaching a link that will redirect you to our public excel sheet, where we plan to post the xPub address of our fundraising wallet and all the expenses made during the 12-month period. I also plan to export the spending history file of our Electron Cash Wallet with all the descriptions for each spending transaction. When looking at this file, all the deposits received after the fund-raising event will be considered as donations and will be described as that.

We also want to be transparent that once the fundraising is completed, we plan to offer our main director, lead programmer and community manager a 6-month or 12-month upfront payment to prevent volatility issues. We also currently have a two thousand dollar fund for promotion that we could use for protection in case of volatility. 

Finally, we will make a public announcement days before November's hard-fork to inform our donors how the funds will be protected against a possible market crash. All transactions regarding this event will be publicly covered for anyone who is interested to know. 

Our platform, social media and contact email

You can find us through the following platforms, social media along with our contact email:

Venezuela Workers:
Contact email:

Best regards, Venezuela Workers.

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