LiveMinerToken Work of Human (WoH) Protocol Lets You Mine Crypto on your Smartphone

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What is LiveMinerToken?

LiveMinerToken (LMT) is a cryptocurrency token on the Tron (TRX) blockchain. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, which distributes its supply through PoW, PoS or ICOs, it has a new distribution system mode called the WOH (Work of Human) protocol. This protocol requires a human interaction in order to get mining rewards. Also, it only requires an android device in order to run.

How does it work?

The LiveMinerToken (LMT) can only be mined on Android as of writing. You can download the app by clicking HERE. The app interface basically lets you create a drawing. The drawing is then used to generate a hash code that is compared to a certain target. the target varies from time to time depending on the current difficulty. If the generated hash matches the target code, you get the block reward. 

Once you collect a certain amount of LMT, you can directly withdraw it to a TRON Wallet.


What to look forward to?

The project is currently in Phase 0 and in order to proceed to the next phase, a minimum number of users will be required to use the application. On the next phase, the project aims to make LMT available on exchanges. The project also aims to create an iOS app. You can see the projects proposed roadmap below.

My thoughts?

Personally, the project has great potential. What really got me interested is the ability to mine the tokens with just a smartphone and my fingertips. This kind of token distribution is more equitable in my opinion because it requires actual work to get rewards, as opposed to other systems that require you have a big investment. 

At this point, LMT still doesn't have any monetary value but it is free and almost risk-free(I hope). Might as well give it a try. I will be looking forward to additional development and will be posting on this blog about it.

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