Live Miner Token: New Features as of Q2 2022

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This post will summarize the new features released for the LiveMinerToken App. In case you didn't know, Live Miner Token is a cryptocurrency on the TRON network which uses the WoH or the Work of Human protocol which distributes tokens based on human work instead of stake or hardware capacity. If you want to learn more, you can read the previous article I wrote about this topic: LiveMinerToken Work of Human (WoH) Protocol Lets You Mine Crypto on your Smartphone

1. LMT Faucet

The LMT Faucet feature is one of the first alternatives to earning LMT that is added to the app. It is quite literally a faucet because the LMT is accumulating continuously into a bucket until it gets full. You can increase both the rate of LMT being accumulated by upgrading the faucet. Upgrading the bucket on the other hand will increase its capacity. You can also get bonuses by watching ads and recruiting active workers.

2. LMT Staking

The staking feature lets users increase their LMT further by locking them up for a certain number of days. Usually, the longer the lock period, the higher the APY returns you get. There are a couple of staking pools with varying interest rates, lock days, and requirements. The APY ranges from 24% up to 48% depending on the pool. The high-interest pools do require that you have a certain number of active workers and user level. The pool also has a cap on how much LMT it can take. You can also shorten the locking time by watching ads. Each ad will deduct 4 hours from the total lock days making it shorter while still keeping the profits. The table below lists the staking pools currently available. According to the roadmap, they are planning to release a new pool in the future.

3. LMT Deposits

It is now possible to deposit LMT on the app itself. This is a good option for users who have already withdrawn their LMT on the chain but want to deposit it back into the app to enjoy the staking rewards from pools. Aside from this, there is still no other utility for using this feature. You will be needing a web3 wallet in order to deposit your LMT. You can watch the tutorial video below on how to do this for Tronlink, Klever, or TrustWallet browsers. 

Upcoming Features

There are new icons on the app which hint at an upcoming feature.  The one I noticed is the new "Battle" icon beside the Home button. If you are going to check the road map, there is a plan to create a 1v1 battle system within the app. Details about this new feature are still not available but I find this exciting and interesting. The roadmap also hints regarding new skills for mining, canvas for drawing, and an NFT integration within the app.


I am glad that the Live Miner Token has been getting better by placing new features on how to earn. my personal favorite is the faucet. However, as we all know LMT is still not listed on exchanges and therefore still has no monetary value. Despite this, I am still looking forward to the upcoming features like the NFT integration and the canvas for drawing. If you want to start earning LMT tokens yourself, you can download the app by clicking here: Download LiveMiner Token Faucet App

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