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spouses and relationships

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1 year ago

day 2 oh the 52 days writing challenge

my view on relationship and spouses on the modern society

.Before I begin talking about the subject I would like to address I'm not trying to diss any kind of a relationship nor trying to play my personal views on someone else's relationship this is fully my personal review on some of the relationship I have been surrounded by.

 - I'll personally start with my parents relationship  (my parents had a traditional arranged marriage they never dated, never spoke before I head in the engagement.).

and from what i have seen thought out there marriage its been messy and kind off change my loo at this kind of relationships and thought that people would get used to each other after few years but it never happened to them both . do look up to them? ABSOLUTELY NOT .

they are what you can call match made in hell but that would be for another day and another artical .during this quarantine things where ok at start but everything did change after they started noticing things more about each other they didn't do before and it did created problems and exposed stuff to the surface and thought that was clear from the start but it never was for them in the start . and i guess the issue is not just for modern society couple its for all of them through out the years .if we took the fact that my parents we arranged and took them as couple that lived together but had issues in the background i think it would be the same to me but that is on that

it is like been lied too and lying to our selves that things are ok and we need this kind of partner to maintain a stable life but wee ignore the side effect of thus kind of a choice that actually would damage us more in the future and about that my parents did not like each other my father cheats like every week with anew woman and gave my mum STD once . and my mum id a depressed peon that has anger issues that leads to us been abused and neglected emotionally and physically. and that leads to other issues and that's for another article .

im not trying to show how today relationships are toxic cuz its clearly they are but more of how empty they are in general .there is no more thing called crush when u can have a THING with them in a Platonic way because i'm guilty of that i had many thing and i knew this would make me sound like a "svlt" but that on the loop i got stuck in , you may find people you like but at the end of the day you will just stay quite because there is nothing else to say and you have to find the new flame some where else and then do that again over and over or be with them just to feel the void that you are scared to face the truth you have been avoiding all the time and thats on that ...

even the liking system did change and been "peged " is a thing that must be ... its good we are becoming more comfortable with who we are and avoiding the romance we are expected to have but that leads to another room were we are all lost and just try to find that matching piece of Lego to finish the doll house , that cool right ... No its even harder because you can step on the Lego and hurt your feet so you have to wear something .. thick socks it would make it less painful

and thats for part one

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Written by   1
1 year ago
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