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27th Jan 2022

Have you ever dared to express an opinion which wasn't in line with the 'accepted' politically correct view?

In the UK we have a diverse culture and are generally seen as a 'tolerant' nation which welcomes people who work hard and contribute to society in a positive way.

Though when people raise legitimate questions about the scale of immigration, or point out that needless lives are being lost due to 'illegal' immigrants drowning at sea by attempting to cross the english channel in overcrowded dingies they are often attacked as 'racist' and 'selfish' people.

This I think is unfair and does nothing to address the issues.

It is a fact that a large number of 'refuges' who come to the UK seeking asylum are not genuine refugees fleeing war torn countries, they are in fact ecconmic migrants seeking a better life.

This video shows how overcrowded and dangerous these dinghies are.

The people on the boat are all claiming to be from war torn countries but have by now probably discarded their identity documents and will seek asylum in the UK.

How can the UK know where they are really from without any documentation?

The problem is that unless we are able to discuss this in an open and honest way, the problem will not go away, in fact it will get worse and more people will needlessly drown at sea, which is tragic.

If these 'illegal' migrants know that if they manage to reach the shores of the UK and they will not be sent home then this does nothing but encourage more to make the dangerous journey in the first place.

I feel for these people, who risk so much to get to the UK, but they have been exploited by ruthless traffickers with the promise of well paid jobs and a better life.

Many have given their life savings to these wicked people who think its okay to put 30 people on a dinghy only fit for 8 and set them to sail across the channel from France to the UK.

I figure that the French government turn something of a blind eye to the huge issue of human trafficking because they know that once these migrants have reached british waters they are no longer a problem to them.

This is heartless, if they cared more about stopping these people making the dangerous journey in the first place more lives would be saved.

You see its not that people who say we should do more to tackle the issue of 'illegal' immigration are necessarily 'racist' or 'selfish'.

In fact they are probably just as likely as anyone else to be upset to see the needless lives being lost.

What I feel many of these people think is that in order to prevent loss of life we need to make these people realise that if they come to the UK illegally they will be sent home.

Unless of course they can 'prove' that they are genuine refugees fleeing persecution, should we give large numbers the benefit of the doubt if we are unsure?

These are all legitimate questions that need to be debated rationally, without resorting to hurling insults at those who question a soft approach.

I believe that we should have compassion, and help those in genuine need.

All I really want to say is that by being to soft on immigration, are actually doing more harm than good?

The only people who win are the 'people trafficking' gangs and the easier it is for them to exploit people, then the more they will continue to do just that!

Is that such a wrong opinion I wonder?

If you made it to here thank you for reading.

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Topics: Politics, Life, Opinion, Democracy, News, ...