The Chi Variant

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The year is 2029. The 'World Health Organisation' has issued a warning about a new strain of covid, called the 'Chi' variant.

Chi is the 22nd letter of the greek alphabet and soon we will run out of letters to name these variants after.

This latest outbreak began in the Vatican City after the Pope Francis tested positive for the new strain after hosting Bill Gates, Jack Dorsey and Jeff Bezos for talks on how to tackle the problem of overpopulation and food shortages.

Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates tested positive only after travelling back to the Peoples Republic of America and meeting a number of people at a conference on what to do about the ongoing threat of climate change.

General Kamala Harris, the supreme leader of the Peoples Republic of America has ordered the army to be on standby to help keep people under a strict lockdown to give Pfizer some time to develop a new vaccine to combat the latest strain.

This variant may have the ability to evade current vaccines which means that Pfizer needs to 'modify' them so they can help us get back to a normal life as soon as possible.

These vaccines are so highly effective of course that we need to have a modified version every 6 months.

They are so effective that cases continue to rise.

Despite numerous lockdowns and 'highly effective' vaccines, cases of the highly contagious 'chi' variant continue to rise. Picture courtesy of Pixabay.

In the mean time many people have suffered in poorer countries due to the lockdowns and disruptions to the supply chain. They have been unable to work because of the constant lockdowns of which there seems to be no end in sight.

Many have been unable to provide for their families most basic needs.

Inflation has been at over 9% now in the Peoples Republic of America for the last year and a half, though this will only be temporary of course.

We must continue to do our bit, get our boosters, help big pharma to make lots of money, stay indoors and have as little social contact as possible and trust the science!

It won't be long now before we have this pandemic under control, we have learnt a lot about how this virus spreads and how to control it.

We have also learned a lot about how to control the world population.

Below are some of my thoughts on the situation we are in currently with the ongoing pandemic.

When will this pandemic come to an end?

We have complied with everything that has been required of us and things seem to be getting worse, not better.

I am begining to think that there is more to this whole pandemic than we originally thought.

This ongoing pandemic seems to be more about authoritarianism and controlling people.

We can never obey our way out of authoritarian rule! Vaccine passports people thought would liberate them but actually they have done just the opposite.

We are now forever at the mercy of the scientists who have obviously done so well in predicting how this pandemic would develop so far.

We thought that vaccines would give us back our freedom. Picture courtesy of Pixabay

Our leaders have become weak, scared, unable to think for themselves, under the spell of the demi-god Dr Fauci, who may have a fair amount of capital tied up in big pharma.

Resistance seems to be futile, yet while there are still some of us who are awake and can see what is unfolding before us there is still hope.

Lets do what we can to maintain our ability to think for ourselves, to speak up, to warn others, who may think we are fools for questioning the great Dr Fauci and the science.

I will sign off this article with a quote from Thomas Jefferson who was the 3rd president of the United States.

“The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield and government to gain ground.”

Just something to think about....

This article is of course set in the future and is just one potential scenario.

For what it's worth I hope that things do get better and that this pandemic will be over soon.

Are vaccines the way out of this?

I guess we will find out in due course, until then let us be vigilant.

I hope you enjoyed this article, if you are interested you can check out some more of my articles here.

Article is my own

Pictures courtesy of Pixabay

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2 years ago
Topics: Politics, COVID, Science, Vaccine, Life, ...


I got to know you were Sp @med once a while how did you resolve the issue ?

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Keep writing and persevering, I think I send an email to the admin, and asked is the flag could be removed.

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Thanks I will try my best. Could you see my comments I am I flagged?

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2 years ago

This is hilarious! I don't think it will end in the near future. There is a futuristic scenario written already for the SPARS pandemic starts in 2025-2028.

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2 years ago

I'll check out this article, thank you.

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