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2 years ago
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I have been trying a couple of apps over the last week, trying to get a little pocket money and thought I would share my experience with you.

These apps won't make you rich but could give you a way to make a little in your spare time.

The first app I can tell you about is called 'Swagbucks' and you can earn gift cards and PayPal cash quite easily by playing games and doing a few surveys.

All the data from the surveys is anonymised so the answers you give are not linked back to you in any way. The data is protected by law as well.

The surveys are quite short, but I find them interesting to do, if for any reason you are screened out during the survey you are still rewarded with 1 swagbuck, so its always worth trying.

I have found the best way to earn however is by downloading games and playing for a little while, you can build up your swagbucks quite quickly playing fun games, just don't spend any money on the in app purchases!

I usually play the games for around 30 minutes then I uninstall them as the rewards decrease after a while so it is best to try new games often.

You can also earn cashback by using the built in browser the buy stuff you would usually buy anyway on popular sites like ebay and amazon too. And also by scanning your shopping receipts.

There are many different ways to earn on this site which makes it enjoyable to use.

Swagbucks has been around since 2008 and are one of the biggest survey and reward sites, they pay out reliably and have a well designed mobile app too.

I am nearly at 700 SB (Swagbucks) and think that tomorrow I will be able to claim my first £5 PayPal reward.

It's been fairly easy to reach this threshold so I am quite happy with Swagbucks so far. I currently have 694 SB so only 6 more before I hit my goal!

Screenshot of my current swagbucks balance.

If you would like to give Swagbucks a go it is available on the play Store for android or the app store for ios.

The other app I have tried out is called Inbox Pounds.

It is the same company as Inbox Dollars which is the american version.

I read a few of the reviews of Inbox Pounds and they have some positive feedback and pay out reliably.

The idea is that they send you e-mails with promotions from time to time and you are rewarded for reading them. Besides this you can also boost your earnings by taking surveys and completing offers too.

I have only tried their free offers so far as the offers with higher rewards require you to make purchases, that's not for me. I would recommend that you only try out the free offers to.

Inbox Pounds also pays out to PayPal although their payment threshold is £20 so it might take you a little longer to get there than on Swagbucks.

I have earned £3.33 in my first week so far so £20 is a realistic target to reach, maybe in a month or two.

Screenshot of my Inbox Pounds balance.

If that sounds like your thing then you can can download the app on the play store for android or the app store for ios.

I wonder if you know any ways to make a bit of pocket money, if so then let me know, i'd be interested to hear.

Update: I did one more survey this evening and claimed my first £5 PayPal cash with 700 SB.

Screenshot swagbucks payment proof.

I hope you enjoyed my article. If you would like to check out my other articles you can do so here.

Lead image courtesy of pixabay.

Others: Screenshots of my Swagbucks and Inbox Pounds balances and payment proof.

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2 years ago
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So useful! I'll try Swagbucks for sure, not the second app because I don't want to receive too many emails.

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