Plitvice Poem

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2 years ago
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My first article! I wrote this in the spring last year.

Recalling my fond memories of Ptitvice, Croatia, such a beautiful place.

By the lakes of plitvice I walked round all day, The waters so tranquil I wish I could stay

In this life what is it we seek to attain, for money to buy things or should we refrain

Some things I believe are more important in life, more wealth often causes much trouble and strife

If we do not take time, to pause and be still, we may find that our struggle for wealth makes us ill

Let's seek understanding and peace in our hearts, walk beside still waters I think thats a start

Look beyond the things you can touch and can feel, discover the things which from some are concealed

The things upon earth to enjoy for a season, can all this be without rhyme or a reason

Look to our creator who gave us all things, and sent his dear son to atone for our sin

Trust him as your saviour have faith and trust him, look not to ourselves but to him as king

Learn what is truly important discover, that he is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother

All my own work and my own photos

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