How Independent is our thinking?

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We are all free to think what we like, though how much of what we think is our own view.

Have our views been shaped and formed by what we read, watch and listen to or by algorithims on social media which present to us more similar content, based on our interests.

I think this creates an enviroment in which we become familiar, we stick to what we know but we only end up hearing one side of the story.

How do we escape this, how can we become truly independent in our thinking.

Its a difficult question in the digital age and short of going to live on a desert island there is no easy answer.

I think one thing we should remember though is that we should learn to question everything, take nothing at face value. I don't think there is such a thing as a trusted news source today.

There is an element of truth in many news sources but each organisation will spin any parlicular story to fit with the narrative that they are trying to push.

Look at who is set to gain or profit from any particular narative, question everything, be critical in our thinking and always try to read between the lines of what we are presented with by the media.

More people than ever now believe that there is a deep state, a global elite who wish to push a certian agenda to further their own interests.

Big tech has made huge profits from the current pandemic, high street shops, cafes, the self employed, hairdressers and pubs are really struggling.

Does this mean that it is all a huge conspiracy, was this whole pandemic and the response to it planned in advance.

Many people believe so, I do not know if they are right. I am told by watching the television and reading the newspaper that this is complete rubbish, there is nothing in it.

That though tends to make me question things more.

Some people believe that this is all part of something which is called 'The Great Reset' in which we will own nothing and be happy.

Maybe that is going to far, maybe not.

I think that there is an element of truth in many conspiracy theories. I don't take these at face value though either!

There is a current pandemic on this planet, we do need to take it seriously, wash our hands, look out for each other and try to stay healthy, but we cannot remain under these restrictions forever.

The UK is set to come out of lockdown in June, unless things change again.

We are told that we are 'following the science' but there happen to be other scientists who think that we should do things differently, whose view we never hear.

Will we get the whole truth from the newspaper or the television? Of course not!

Will we get the whole truth from reading conspiracies about the pandemic online? I doubt that as well.

There is false information from both sides of the spectrum!

Do not get drawn in by either!

Question everything and be a truly free thinker!

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3 years ago (Last updated: 2 years ago)
Topics: Life, Thoughts, News, Pandemic, Tech, ...