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17th January 2022

I have been concerned for some time about the global handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

I do not consider myself to be anti vaccine, per se. In fact I agree that in many instances throughout history vaccines have been a force for good and in many cases highly effective.

I have read recently about how the Japanese government have approached the current pandemic in regard to vaccination.

You can read more about this here if you wish.


In the aftermath of the second world war, Japan enshrined in its constitution clauses which enshrine fundamental civil liberties.

In practice, this means it that Japan has not introduced lockdowns or compulsory mask wearing in response to the pandemic.

Japan has the same approach in regard to vaccination stating that vaccination shoud be an entirely free choice for which an individual can excercise 'informed consent' meaning that they are fully aware of both the risks and the benefits of such a medical intervention.

The health ministry are actively discouraging discrimination against the unvaccinated and state that workplaces should not put any pressure on their employees to get vaccinated.

With this policy in place Japan has achieved a high vaccination rate and 80% of the eligible population are now fully vaccinated.

They also saw a sharp decline in covid - 19 cases from August 2021 which puzzled many. Although cases may be rising again now they are faring just as well if not better than many developed countries which have enforced vaccine mandates and harsh lockdowns.

I have also read in the last few days about an astonishing apology from one of Denmarks leading newspapers 'Ekstra Bladet' with the headline 'We failed'.

'We failed' was the headline on the Danish newspaper 'Esktra Bladet' picture courtesy of pixabay.

They admit that it has been a failure of journalism to parrot the government line without question.

You can read the english translation of the article here.


It is clear to me that governments and the media to date have exaggerated the threat posed by coronavirus in order to achieve a high vaccine uptake.

Has this been an ethical way of handling this crisis, using fear and control to pressure people into compliance and further to that has this method actually achieved its objectives.

Maybe they would have won over more hearts and minds if they had just been honest with the general public from the start.

One way that the facts about the coronavirus pandemic have been surpressed is by the use of 'fact checkers'

Posts have been removed from social media platforms on the basis of the results of these fact checkers.

In fact the question regarding the possible origin of the covid-19 pandemic, which some believe could have originated from a lab leak at the 'Wuhan Institue of Virology' was deemed to be a 'baseless conspiracy theory' until Joe Bidens administration deemed the alleged lab leak warranted further investigation.

Check out this video below for more facts about 'fact checkers'

We know for a fact that research on bat coronaviruses in the Wuhan lab was taking place, which was studying how to make these viruses more infectious.

This has been referred to as 'gain of function' research and was in part funded by the United States.

Dr Fauci, is an adviser to President Biden. He is also the director of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), which is part of the US government's National Institutes of Health (NIH).

They did in fact give money to an organisation which funded research at the Wuhan lab.

That organisation, the US based 'EcoHealth Alliance' was awarded a grant back in 2014 to research coronaviruses from bats.

EcoHealth received a total of $3.7m from the NIH and donated a sum of $600,000 to the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Dr Fauci maintains that this research was not in fact 'gain of function'.

It's certianly plausible that the virus may have escaped from the Wuhan lab. In my view probably accidently from a lab worker who become infected themselves.

Will we ever know the truth about the origin of covid - 19?

Has all this infringement on our civil liberties been worth it in the long run, given the huge amount of collateral damage to businesses, mental health, education, trust in government and so on.

I think not personally, though I would be interested to hear your views.

If you made it to here thank you for reading.

You can find some of my other articles here.


Article is my own

Pictures courtesy of pixabay

Video: YouTube

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In the long run, the truth will come out. I'm not one to listen to conspiracy theories a lot, but I don't believe in the idea that the corona virus is just a bat. Even if there is no ulterior motive and we do not think badly, at best, as you said, it may have been infected by one of the staff in the laboratory. We will learn the truth much later.

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2 years ago

We may learn the truth one day but not for a long time I think.

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2 years ago