Introducing "NFTnomics", with the launch of the unique series [VOICES] by One Surgery on SLP

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Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are one-of-a-kind tokens on the blockchain, each one completely unique. NFTs have been becoming increasingly popular in the cryptocurrency marketplace, representing digital artwork and now recognised by collectors and investors as valuable pieces of their cryptocurrency portfolios.

One.Surgery has created a new series of NFTs, a collection that is entirely unique in cryptocurrency history. The [VOICES] collection of animated images represent the voices within in our tri-annual publication, Voices of One Surgery, dedicated to improving access to safe surgery for everyone in the world.

The tokens are therefore tethered not only to a moment in time, but to inspirational voices that are published within the magazine. By definition, these tokens can therefore only have a limited supply each year, with each uniquely collectible token being incredibly rare within this special collection.

Each token sale will allow further development of the One.Surgery project, as we continue to innovate within the global surgery movement and create unique use cases of Bitcoin Cash as a global currency system. We believe the greater our impact of our projects, the more desirable our unique token series will become - thus also adding further investment value to our NFT collectors and supporters.

To create the series, we have designed a unique tokenomics structure, again we believe the first of its kind in relation to the #nft marketplace.

Our [VOICES] NFTonomics

  • Represent voices of inspirational people across the world, striving to make surgery safer for all.

  • Created on Bitcoin Cash / Simple Ledger Protocol therefore minimal transaction fees.

  • A true first in the NFT crypto-sphere as well as the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem.

  • Designed as a collectible and tradeable series.

  • Only one NFT minted per artwork design: A beautiful high res animated gif.

  • The document hash is embedded permanently into the NFT

  • The file is stored on the One.Surgery servers as well as pinned on the interplanetary file system, ensuring the file can always be accessed.

  • The initial launch phase will be a staggered sale of 12 NFTs.

  • A maximum of 8 new tokens can be minted per year.

  • The NFTs will be sold online via transparent auctions.

  • All proceeds will be for non-profit work, with One.Surgery registered as an asset-locked company, meaning its assets can only be used for delivering its mission objectives of safe surgery for all.

  • The more we can achieve as a non-profit organisation with the sales of the NFTs, the more prominent our united [VOICES] can gain, resulting in an increasingly desirable portfolio piece for collectors.



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