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Community outreach begins for a Bitcoin Cash powered medical journal

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2 months ago

In December 2020, One.Surgery successfully campaigned on Flipstarter to create a paradigm changing medical journal: low cost, high quality, transparent and powered by Bitcoin Cash transactions.

Our roadmap is to launch the journal in 2021, and we have now officially begun an outreach campaign and consultation process, both to the global surgery community and the bitcoin cash community.

We launch this outreach process with two articles published in our regular publication, Voices of One Surgery, with a bitcoin cash article written by our partners, Satoshis Angels, and an explanatory article on the journal project by Saqib Noor, founder of One.Surgery.

Our next steps include developing a world class editorial board to ensure the journal maintains the highest standard of quality and ethics (of which interested bitcoin cash community members are also welcome to apply), and to invite qualified peer reviewers to join our network of researchers to ensure a robust peer review process. We will also now start the first steps of developing the web-based journal with a intuitive manuscript submission, editing and publishing platform.

Furthermore, we are now in early stages of contemplating an SLP token on the Bitcoin Cash network for the scalability of the project, to allow users to earn research tokens through engagement with the platform and potentially also use earned tokens to pay for peer-review articles. This may be a way to increase onboarding with global users who may easily be able to create a BCH wallet, but not immediately have BCH funds.

Our Voices of One Surgery publications can be downloaded here: with the latest issue that includes the above mentioned articles (Issue 11) as well as articles from war-torn Libya, Mexico, Malaysia and beyond. You can download the latest publication directly here.

Please do support our publications by downloading and sharing, the greater our readership, the greater our opportunity to spread these essential global surgery voices further and faster throughout our respective communities!

Thank you so much!

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Written by   63
2 months ago
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