Catching up with our Flipstarter perks

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3 years ago

It's been a month since our successful Flipstarter campaign has ended, and we are now setting the scene to develop our crypto powered journal project in 2021. We have our in-house research team set up, and in February 2021, we will actively start reaching out to the global surgery community in relation to our crypto project and the power of Bitcoin Cash to power it - starting with an article in our next magazine publication due in February, Voices of One Surgery.

However, before we fully launch into this project with gusto next month, we would dearly like to honour the promised perks of our Flipstarter campaign for everyone who donated (recap here:

Perks ranged from Tweet shout outs, to a personalized PDF copy of the book "Surgery on the Shoulders of Giants", to a choice of BCH swag (found here) and official One Surgery partnerships.

Through community contacts and knowledge, we have managed to reach out to a lot of donors, (although not all have responded), and some donors we don't have contact details for.

If you were a donor to our campaign, and do think you are deserving of a perk (and we haven't managed to find you), please do reach out, either e-mail admin (at) one (dot) surgery, or via Telegram: @onedotsurgery. We would certainly love to honour the perks before we go ahead and try to honour the actual campaign goals - a low cost, high quality, peer review journal system that is powered by Bitcoin Cash!

Thanks again!

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