A Bitcoin Cash and NFT [OSCA] awards programme, celebrating excellence in global surgery

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In April 2021, One.Surgery received a very generous, anonymous donation directly into our Bitcoin Cash wallet. One.Surgery is a non-profit organisation, registered in the UK, and our assets are legally locked - meaning they can only be used for our mission of improving access to safe surgery across the world.

In May 2021, after receiving this wonderful donation, One.Surgery launched a completely new awards programme, the first of its kind, to celebrate excellence in global surgery and award those heroic healthcare professionals striving to help others.

The One.Surgery community awards [OSCA] programme is designed to give awards as voted for by the online community. We launched our first award series, Voice of One Surgery, to highlight the work being done by those who have written in our publication, Voices of One Surgery.

The awards included $50 of Bitcoin Cash to the winners, to be transferred instantly to users (healthcare professionals) who likely have never used BCH, as well as issuing a unique authenticated NFT certificate, and a physical poster of their article in 16inch x 20inch size, with free international shipping!

Retrospectively starting in 2018, we tested our community email voting system, and amazingly received over 190 votes - and as promised, after announcing the winners and contacting the voters, we have now deleted those emails from our servers.

And so, we are really proud to announce the winners of the Voice of One.Surgery 2018, as voted for by the community. The winners of this inaugural award include a neurosurgeon who worked in Syria during the recent civil war, a research co-ordinator in Malawi who is using mobile technology to triage surgical emergencies, and two doctors in India advocating for safe surgery for all.

We have issued our [OSCA] NFTs here, another unique use case for NFTs on the Simple Ledger Protocol.

We are excited to be a true Bitcoin Cash organisation, continuing to demonstrate the global, peer to peer, instant power and utility of Bitcoin Cash. Thank you again to the donor who made this happen, we will keep going and hope our awards programme will continue to grow and thrive from this donation.

Our public wallet address and transparent BCH ledger here:


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