Where are Noise you admin?

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3 years ago
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Months ago I was kicked from Noise.cash for a post about the dog meat trade in Asia. I included a non graphic photo, that was shared on multiple social media networks, including Facebook and Twitter. And they had no problem with it.

And yet, after someone reported me, I believe it was the revolutionary anarchist/socialist/communist Lucas living in a farm in a capitalist country, Noise admin banned me for ever. I was accused of posting it to get attention.

Meanwhile I was one of the few there who never posted any "follow me giveaways" and reported hundreds of spammers every day. Without earning anything.

I contacted the Noise admin on email and other platforms but never got any answer. Plus, my comments here are marked as low quality spam for some reason, while others above and below posting "nice post" comments show up normally.

So, I'm asking again for the admin to explain here his decision.

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