Methods of meditation and its benefits

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In today's hectic life, we forget to keep our body and mind calm but if the mind remians calm, the body also ramains healthy.

Exercising is a little hard work, but its benefits are also many But meditation can be done even sitting at home, it does not take much effort. meditation is such a way with the help of we can make life better. if you include in your daily routine, you will see great benefits and It makes you physically, mentally and emotionally healthy.

most of the people think that is meditation to control the thoughts, but the real purpose of meditation is that your thoughts cannot control you. Spiritual power increases with regular practice of meditation. There are many benefits of meditation, which you will read further, I hope that after knowing its benefits, you will definitely include meditation in your routine.

The biggest advantage of meditation is that it helps you to increase your concentration and It increases your thinking and understanding power. You will feel that your confidence is increasing also It helps in reducing anxiety and Keeps high blood pressure under control.

Many people are very upset due to lack of sleep, If you meditate, it reduces fear, stress, anxiety, which helps in getting better sleep.

The lesser the tension in the mind, the less will be your anxiety. if you meditate your bodys cells control the senses and relax the muscles and new skin cells are formed by which your body becomes active that is you skin looks beautiful without any makeup. Meditation is a gift we can give to ourselves .

there are different types of meditation

  • breathing meditaion

  • Sound meditation

  • Stareing meditaion

all these meditation we are teach the same thing that how to reduce the thoughts running in our mind and stay focused when we think less we will be able to focus more will be able to focus more on those which are important to us.

Meditation relaxes your mind and regulates thought waves Many times it must have happened to you that you must be tired of thinking And the headache starts, by meditating, it gives rest by stopping the distractions going on in your mind.

Meditation increases your love and kindness for other people If you ever get very angry then you should meditate and you have a problem of forgetting you should meditate If you practice meditation then you can remember old thing.

If you have an addiction and you want to leave it, then with the help of meditation you can leave it and you can take the biggest decision with meditation.

Every person should meditate according to his age, suppose if age is 20 years then do 20 minutes daily if 50 years then 50 minutes daily.

how to meditate

You can meditate by sitting anywhere, whether you are sitting on the chair or you are sitting on the bench of the park, you can do meditation wherever you want. you can do it anywhere, but the time of 4 to 6 in the morning is considered to be the best time for meditation. There is no movement of the body in meditation, it is like exercising your mind.But keep one thing in mind, even if you sit anywhere, try to keep your backbone as straight as possible.

If you want, you can sit in any of these yoga postures.

  • Swastikasana (Auspicious Pose)

  • sukhasana (easy pose)

  • gomukhasana (cow face pose)

  • ¬†Vajrasana (Sitting on the heels)

  • Sukhasana (Easy Pose)

After that you have to close your eyes and pay attention to your breath If thoughts start coming in your mind then bring your attention back to your breath.If you meditate daily for 20 minutes for 2 months, then you will see good benefits, if you want you can start with 10 minutes from the beginning.

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