I realized Importance of money

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2 years ago

Everyone wants to live their life in a better way and never have to face sorrows. I have heard from some people that with the help of money we can buy everything but love cannot buy, but yes money matters a lot in our life.

I have made many mistakes in my life and learned from them but because of one mistake I have faced a lot of troubles and I will not forget it for the rest of my life, I want to share with you.

i work in a shop i have 12 hours job from 9am to 9pm and i get 2 holidays in a month salary is also less so i don't like this work still i do it because a lot Due to this salary, I am able to do all the things like paying house rent, buying grocery items, paying college fees, buying medicines etc.

If there is some money left by the end of the month, I like to buy clothes and shoes, I buy it, I was told by my friends, do not waste money, save money and they also suggested good ways to invest money, but I did it Didn't think it necessary. Well, that was my biggest mistake.

Lockdown started due to corona epidemic Because of which I lost my job,i was so disappointed And I could not understand what to do now and the little money I had was also spent and I started remembering what my friends had said,What he said about saving money, I understood how important it is to save money.

Every morning the lockdown was opening for a while, then I started selling vegetables, I started getting some money from him, people living near my house started laughing at me and saying that I am a fool and cannot do anything in life.

I spent some days very hard and then the lockdown was lifted and again I got a job and I save some money every month.

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2 years ago