How to be happy and positive

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Today everyone wants to fulfill their dream in their life, wants to be successful and wants to be happy, if you leave bad habits and adopt good habits, then you can definitely stay happy.

Nothing is permanent in our life, whether it is any kind of sorrow or happiness, if there is any kind of problem in our friends family, then it will be gone tomorrow if not today, you shouldn't be worried about this.

If you keep thinking too much like about anything or yesterday I should have done this, I should not have done that, stop thinking useless things, stop thinking about the past and learn to be happy in the present. If you think too much, you get upset about anything quickly, then you can do meditation, this will definitely help you.

if your health is not good, then you will not be able to stay haapy if you find anything in the world. If you do not exercise then start exercising If you can't go to gym, you can workout at home.When we exercise, our muscles remain healthy and there is good blood circulation in the body. If we stay healthy we will be happy and positive.

don't compare everyone with you like, he has this car i don't have. he can sings very well but, i can't sing. he is very smart i am not, If you compare everyone with yourself then you will never be able to be happy, every person is good at something or the other.

Stay away from those people who always complain and fill you with negative energy, if you want to progress in life then stay with better people and spend time with them, Make good friends who help you move forward, tell your mistake, help you improve it and if you do something for someone, If you help someone, don't expect him to help you too.

If you are weak in something, then practice, try to learn it, if you keep learning, then the confidence will increase, you will feel positive and you will be happy.

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