Benefits of yoga

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The more we talk about yoga, the less because in today's hectic life, we forget to pay attention to our health and body, if we do yoga by giving some time in the day, then many benefits will be seen.

Everyone is surrounded by some trouble or the other, some have physical problems, some have mental problems, if you don't have any problem with it, then it is a very good thing. If you think that yoga is just an exercise, then it is not so that doing yoga can also remove physical and mental problems,We can avoid many diseases by doing yoga,Maybe you know that every year 21 June is celebrated as International Yoga Day.

Yoga is for everyone, everyone can do yoga, everyone from children to old people,You can include yoga in your daily routine.

Some people have the problem of not sleeping at night even after working all day, if you practice yoga then the mind remains calm, you will feel relaxed, Gives you relief from respiratory diseases and you will get rid of the problem of sleeplessness.

If you have acidity problem or stomach upset or constipation problem or digestion is not able to happen properly after eating food, then you should do yoga, it activates the muscles and doing yoga can get rid of this pain.

Yoga is beneficial for both fat and thin people. Yoga strengthens the muscles, if you are underweight You should do yoga and eat good food, if you are overweight and have more fat, then you can also reduce fat with daily practice.

By doing pranayama or exercise daily, the body becomes flexible and this leads to good blood circulation and increases immunity, Lowers blood sugar level, can get rid of many problems related to heart.

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