The Best Cryptocurrencies to Short

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Shorting a cryptocurrency basically means you’re betting on its failure. So let’s dig in and short some crypto

3. Theta

Theta has been on its way down for a while now. It still has some peaks, but it is very unlikely that it will come back from the dead.

2. Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash is basically programmed to be perfect for shorting. Eventually, unlimited Bitcoin Cash coins will be generated, making it effectively worthless.

1. Dogecoin

Do I have to say anymore? It’s on a VERY stable descent, and it’s EXTREMELY unlikely it could come back up.

But How Does Shorting Work?

Shorting goes something like this:

1. Borrowing something

Borrow your crypto

Or your stock

Or an iphone

2. Sell that something

Let’s say that the something you bought is worth $600

Well, when you sell it, you get $600 in you bank account

3. Buy it back for less

Now, you have $600 dollars in your bank account

If the asset has fallen to $450, you profit $150

4. Give the asset back

It’s that simple

Have a fantastic day (or night)


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Crypto write ups here are most often confusing but I think this is fairly understandable

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