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Lamps' Out.

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1 month ago

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Chelsea parted ways with their head coach, Frank Lampard on the back of a comprehensive win against Luton. It is hardly a surprise and still a surprise at the same time. You would expect the board to have given him a few more games to see if they would climb up the table but coming on the back of such a win was unexpected.

I mentioned it is hardly a surprise because we all know how ruthless Chelsea board can be. Imagine Di Matteo getting sacked on the back of a Champions League win and also Carlos Ancelotti. They both won something yet still shown the exit door and for Lampard's team to be struggling after such a heavy investment, it is normal that the coach would be the one to take the fall.

The board decided to put sentiments aside and made a decision from the sporting as well as the financial aspect of things. They knew more than 8 cubes are fighting for the Champions League spot and the further they sink, the harder it becomes. The money for qualification would be a good injection into the club to balance the expenses that have incurred over the summer.

Maybe Lampard saw this coming because when he was asked after being beaten by Leicester City if he felt he was under pressure coupled with the disappointment of that loss, he was a bit on the edge and feisty. The pressure was getting to him and he knew the honeymoon would soon be over.

The players no doubt let him down. Timo Werner has struggled for form and Havertz still doesn't know which position to be played in. Ziyech has been in and out of the team while Silva has been good at least. The new signings haven't bonded but this is something the board should have known to consider the difference in the culture. Been Chilwell has been good on the left-back position though.

A lot is happening at Chelsea and both sides should take the blame for this sack. Lampard would take his blame for being unable to motivate his players, integrate the new players and get the results after the heavy investment. It all falls and rest on leadership which is why he should take the blame in all of this too.

The players should be ashamed of themselves. Even though we heard they felt disappointed every time they loose that the coach hardly give them support in the press and he always points the blame on them. That is to be expected because they have to accept both the criticism and the accolades too. That is not enough reasons to keep producing a bad performance day in day out because they know what their job is all about. It is a really business and when they don't get it, they certainly know they will come for the coach.

The board should be realistic and stop being deluded of reality. The new signings would take time to gel and with the way Lampard did so well last season even with the youth, they should have given him one more season and know that the signings would and should pick up the pace by next season when they must have familiarized with the league and the demands of it.

It is shocking to see how Werner has struggled for form seeing how impressive he was before coming to England and Havertz hasn't lived up to his reputation as well. It is back to the basis for Chelsea as the new coach would bring his own ideas and of course let go of the players he feels he doesn't need. Everyone would want to impress the new coach and hopefully, Chelsea can use this to its advantage and start getting the results they need. We will wait and see if that would be enough to qualify them for a Champions League space.

The reality is, having a new coach midway through the season only means when results start getting bad again, the board would most likely want to see how the new coach would adapt next season. They might forgive him for the remainder of this season and then give him next season to see what happens this is why I felt they should have just allowed Lampard turn this around. They would sacrifice this season even with the new coach so why not do that with Lampard? Well, with this board, let's still hope the new coach won't be sacked again if results didn't improve before the end of the campaign.

We saw how Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has struggled with United and see how things are going for him now. He is in a good place now and that's what consistency and giving time does to a coach. It passes a message out to the players to live up to the expectations or be shown the way out. It gives the power back to the coach rather than players conspiring together to have a coach sent off. Sacrificing this season, just one season wouldn't be bad for Chelsea to be able to integrate their new players but as I mentioned earlier, they are looking at the financial aspect of things based on how much they have spent and how missing out on the Champions League space won't help them either, seeing there is still no entry for fans at the Stadium.

It remains to be seen what Chelsea we would start seeing as Tuchel has been tipped to be the next coach for Chelsea. Fingers are crossed and we would see how the Chelsea players would respond. Super Frank Lampard has been sacked by Chelsea and I wish him the best there is to come. Hopefully, another big club would be requiring his services and I want to believe this won't be the end of his big team coaching career.

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Written by   75
1 month ago
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