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I Look Ahead.

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3 months ago
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Most things about life would try to drag you down

Taking away your smile to replace it with a frown

Life is a race and we all want a deserving crown

Still, most people just want to wear their fine gown

Go around to show off across the town

While some party with friends on their lawn

Life is all of these too and so much more

Everything in life calls for discretion

Which is why I would never judge any man

One thing I do and will always do is forge ahead

A lot has been said, see and obviously done

So many people with a different attitude

We are all different and peculiar in our ways

Try not to sweat over things you cannot change

A lot of people cry over spilled milk

Rather than think of the way forward, they sulk

It takes a special effort to accept the things that can't be changed

When things go wrong, what do you do? Look ahead

Never allow your background to keep your back on the ground

Never allow your situation to become magnified

Think of a way out and look just ahead

If you can look up and ahead, you can get up

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Still me,

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