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Happy Birthday, Aanuoluwapelumi.

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9 months ago
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Dear Aanuoluwapelumi, 

Coming in contact with you has been phenomenal. It takes a heart that loves and understands to fully understand how special and amazing you are. You are a whole vibe and I love hearing from you.

You gave friendship a whole new level of meaning with your interactions and genuineness. I have always appreciated that about you. You are real just as the rainbow. You are kind and you've got an awesome heart too.

Your smile is magical and little wonder why the sun comes out early enough to play just to catch a glimpse of that wonder to the world. Your smile and laughter just ease away pain and stress. You know the power of it and that is why you wield it with intent and purpose.

You dress so simple yet so dashing. Your dressing puts nature to shame as you know how to perfectly blend your colours to suit your skin. You are all shades of cuteness.

You are a beauty. Beauty from within and without. You walk into any room and all eyes would stay fixated on you without batting an eyelid. Your ooze of confidence and beauty. You have that aura of blessings and you spread it everywhere you go. 

I love your view of things. You are always honest and down to earth. I love how you give your heart to things and would readily go the extra length for those who truly matter. You are lively and fun to be with. You deserve all the good things coming your way.

You are strong. I am sure you've had your fair share of struggles too but you know how to look forward to better days which is why I have never caught you sad or down. You are not masking it or pushing it down but you know better. You know better that you are not defined by the present struggles but by the ability to rise despite it all. Your strength is admirable and you are a gift to the world.

Happy Birthday to you, my darling. I wish you a lifetime of ease and happiness. I pray your path will be filled with an abundance of all the good things your heart desires and you will be marvellously helped till you become very strong, in Jesus name. Amen.

Happy 30th to you, beautiful. You have defied that age and you look absolutely dashing and irresistible for a 30-year-old. You are a pacesetter, a trend maker and gracified. Nothing can explain your victory but God. 

Thank you for being an awesome friend and you know I love you. Have a blessed year. It gets better going forward. 

Cheers to 30! 

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Written by   80
9 months ago
Topics: Writing, Nigeria, Write, Life, Blog, ...
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