Arsenal Left It Late.

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It can be said that Newcastle paid the price for missing some key chances but the same can also be said regarding Arsenal and the chances they had.


Arsenal had the real clear cut chance in the 25th minute when Aubamayang had his shot saved and shortly after, Nelson could have opened the scoring in the 28th minute but he took too much time on the ball and was bundled over.


Pepe tried to impress on the right side when he dribbled his way out for a goal kick.


The truth is, Arsenal asked most of the questions but they couldn't break the resilient defence line of Newcastle and the half time ended 0-0.


Second half started and the few chances came for Auba and Andy Caroll but they both missed glowingly. These are chances they would normally put away but it wasn't to be on the night.


Willock also had his header saved. He tried to knock it down like McTominay did for United against Watford but it was conveniently saved.


Saka came on as a substitute and this would indicate to anyone the growing influence this young lad is having. The team needed a goal and he was brought on due to his impressive form and his ability to penetrate the defence line. 


He had his chance in the 76th minute but he blazed it over. The game went to extra time and it looked as though this game was heading to penalties but in the 18th minute of extra time, when Smith Rowe scored. What a night it was for the youngster.


Arsenal dashed all hopes for a comeback when Saka played the ball to Auba with an inviting cross. Auba controlled and found Tierney who in turn found Xhaka. Xhaka also found Tierney before he played through Auba, who added the second goal of the night. It was a beautiful exchange and I enjoyed it.


On the stroke of the final whistle, Lacazette could have made it 3-0 but he blasted it over. The game ended 2-0 in favour of Arsenal and Newcastle would have to rue their missed chances because when you are playing against a team of quality, taking your chances matters a lot.


On to the next for Arsenal.

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