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Self Motivation: Staying Motivated to Reach Your Goals

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Let these self motivation quotes be ones that inspire you to be the best you can be, to achieve your dreams. We can look to other people to motivate us but the best motivation comes from self - from within you!

To accomplish what you desire you must be self motivated. Others can influence us and encourage us but we are the ones that must make the choice. We are the ones who must take the action.

When you have self motivation you get up a bit earlier, you go the extra mile, you have determination and perseverance. And you will find success.

You'll achieve far more personal satisfaction trying to impress yourself than you will trying to impress someone else. 

Why do you want to achieve your goals? The answer to that question has power. It's what motivates you. 

Small daily efforts multiply into weeks, months and years of effort. Change takes time but does happen over the course of time. 

Motivation can be found in many different ways, if you can focus on your determination to overcome the odds, rather than how easy it is to quit.

Remember our experience is not what happened to us but how we react to that happening. 

Nothing or nobody can make you feel something you don't think. Your thinking, and only your thinking, creates your feelings. 

Don't waste time bathing in the negative experience. Spin your energy and focus your attention on moving on. Take the lesson from the hardship, and use it in the future.

If you want to truly improve your life and have the natural motivation you see other people enjoy, you really have little choice; but to start making some type of changes. Start attacking the things that zap your motivation. 

If you ever need to find motivation to accomplish something, try telling a few people what you are planning to do.

When the times are not right, understand that life is testing your levels of patience, tolerance and perseverance. 

The most daring thing is to be yourself and to do exactly what you want to do at that point in time and not to be worried with what other people are doing or what's popular. 

Talk to yourself like talking to a friend. encourage yourself, praise yourself and always remind yourself that you are powerful enough to overcome all the challenges that you will encounter in the future. 

The truth is, you can change what you believe. You change your beliefs all the time in response to new information and experiences. 

Your motivations are your own. You must master them if you want to do great work. 

Don't judge yourself by other's standards, develop your own. Don't get caught in the trap of changing yourself to fit the world. The world has to change to fit you. 

Whether your day was full of progress or crushing setbacks, optimism is the choice to value experiences and continue believing better will come. 

All lasting education is self-motivated. We cannot compel a person to learn anything. Children who are forced to learn undesired information will allow it to slip from their memory, if they ever learned it at all. 

By cheering up someone else, you actually minimize and lighten some of your own burdens. You'll feel a lot better when you share your happiness with someone else. 

The better you understand yourself—your unconscious motivations, what gets you up and what gets you down, what makes you tick, and how you best interact with others—the better off you’ll be at understanding other people and getting them to do things for you. 

If you find that you have very little time to engage in creating your own destiny, or self-development, or for spending with your family and friends, or for dedicating a portion to help others in need, then you may wish to revisit your priorities in life. 

If you set your goals, you are setting expectations for yourself. Improving, learning, and encouraging your own self. Rather than staying where you are, your goals are the encouragement, the motivation, and the sense of purpose that will propel you to success! 

The embarrassment of admitting you haven't been sticking to your goals is often enough to motivate you to continue."

Importance is still a key variable in where we focus our effort, but it's kept in check by another factor: interest... It doesn't matter if you're the most disciplined person on earth. If you're not enjoying life and doing things that are interesting to you, you will become bored, disengaged and unhappy.

Thank you all.

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Written by   6
1 year ago
Topics: Word, Motivation
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My Motivations comes in different ways, like I wrote I'm my article yesterday. I get motivated by my parents, teachers, God. And do on.

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