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Midsummer Night's Dream

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Topics: Drama, Story

The drama opened with complain. Egeus, a nobleman of Athens, introduced the center conflict by approaching Theseus the king of Athens, complaining about his daughter Hermia who has refuse to marry Demetrius the man he chooses for her, but Hermia has no love for Demetrius, but she loves Lysander in return. Egeus demand that Hermia should be killed or sent to a convent as the law of Athens dictates, if she refuses to obey her father. To escape this harsh Athenian law, Lysander and Hermia plan to meet in a wood Forest outside Athens and flee to an aunt's house where they can be wed. The two informed Helena, a friend of Hermia's, of their plan. Helena, however, is desperately in love with Demetrius , who once swore love to her but now scorns her for Hermia. Helena vows to inform Demetrius about Hermia and Lysander plan to escape to Wood Forest. In The Wood Forest Outside Athens.

A conflict between Oberon and Titania, king and queen of the fairies in the Forest. Oberon wishes Titania to give him a small Indian boy she has in her charge, but she refuses because the boy is the son of a former friend who died in childbirth. Oberon asked Puck his servant to use special flower juice on Titania, as a plan to obtain the boy from her. The magic juice of which, placed in a sleeping person's eyes, has the power to make that person fall in love with the first creature he or she sees on awakening. Oberon than observe Demetrius, who has followed Hermia into the wood, as he rejects Helena who faithfully follows him. Oberon tell Puck to put some of the magic juice in the scornful Athenian youth's eyes. while Oberon anoints Titania's eyes, Puck blunders and administers the option to Lysander rather than to Demetrius. Helena, who has been abandoned by Demetrius, awakens Lysander who immediately falls in love with and follows her, forgetting his former affection for Hermia.

Bottom and his companions

Puck transform Bottom, giving him an ass's head, and Bottom's strange appearance startles his companions so that they all run away. Bottom than awakens the sleeping Titania, who, under the influence of the magic juice immediately fall in love with him. meanwhile, Oberon and Puck try to correct their mistake, so they anoints Demetrius's eyes and bring Helena and Lysander to where Demetrius lies sleeping. Demetrius awakes, also falls in love with Helena, and argues with Lysander about who deserves Helena's affections. Hermia, upset that Lysander has abandoned her, enters the scene to hear Lysander declare that he hates her and loves Helena. Helena, meanwhile, is convinced that all three have joined together to mock her. Helena and Hermia fight, and Demetrius and Lysander go of to duel for Helena's love. Oberon ordered Puck, who is delighted with all the mayhem he has caused, to separate Demetrius and Lysander and keep them from fighting and to anoint Lysander's eyes with herb that will remove his charm love for Helena and restore his love for Hermia. Puck manages to lead the men away from each other until they grow frustrated with their search and sleep. Puck than place the remedy on Lysander's eyes. Oberon removes the charm from Titania's eyes now he has obtained the changeling boy from her, and Puck removes the spell that gave Bottom an ass's head. Thus, an end comes to the conflict between Titania and Oberon.The fairies put a charmed sleep upon Demetrius, Helena, Hermia, Lysander and Bottom, so that the five will believe their experience in the wood are dreams.

The King And the Queen and Nobleman Men Of Athens Came For Hunting In The Wood Forest.

As Theseus, Hippolyta, Egeus, and other nobles go out hunting, they encounter the missing Athenians. Once Theseus learns that Demetrius no longer wishes to marry Hermia and loves Helena,Theseus declares that the two happy couples shall be wed alongside,him and Hippolyta. meanwhile, the artisans have been despairing Bottom's absence. After he awakens, Bottom rejoins his companions and tells them that their play is to be performed.

The End

The newly married couples celebrate their nuptials by watching the artisans' play about Pyramus and Thisby, which provides to be unintentionally comic. After all retire to bed, Puck, Oberon, Titania, and the other fairies come to bless the newly married couples.

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Written by   6
1 year ago
Topics: Drama, Story
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