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An Ideal World

Let’s admit that we have our ups and downs every once in a while, and it is the downs that hurt us. The downs make us question if we are on the right path or doing what we have to do. Many survive the downs but do not want to tread the path anymore. The few that introspect do not want to progress anymore. A minute proportion of people introspect, recalibrate, and continue moving ahead.

Now, most of us would love to be in that minute portion of the population, which keeps moving ahead no matter what. But are we part of that population? The easiest way to figure this out is to ask ourselves what we wanted to do or be as a kid. Okay, even if you don’t want to go that far, ask yourself those things you set out to achieve five years back or even your last year’s resolutions. How much of that have you achieved? A bit of a hard look will tell you where you stand.

An ideal world will be where we can keep moving forward no matter what. There are no impediments, and there are no “downs”. You set out your goal, and you achieve it. If we lived in such a world, the minute you set your goal, you would know you would achieve it. It is not even hoping, expecting, or believing in your goals. You just know you will achieve it. But the imperfect world comes with perceived rough roads at times.

So, what do we do then?

Perceived Rough Roads

The perceived rough roads are just that – “perceived”. We aren’t able to look beyond the perception and end up believing that it is our reality. In such cases, we lose track of our goals. Most of the time, people give up. But how do we avoid this pitfall?

There are only two things to do.

1. Believe any goal that you have made is achievable
2. If you falter, go back and check why you started

These two points will help you to move ahead with resolute force. You will break down walls and, sooner than later, will become an inspiration to others. But let’s look at both of the above points a bit closer.

Achieving Your Goals in a Less-Than-Ideal-World

Goals are always achievable. Even when you think you cannot achieve, do you realize that you are achieving your goal? Did that confuse you? Read it again. When you believe you cannot achieve your goal, you will end up not achieving it. You succeed in what you believed, and in this case, your belief that you will not achieve something. *So, you can feel good that you are indeed achieving your goals, albeit the wrong ones.*

So, let’s focus on the right ones.

Goals Are Achievable if You Believe You Can

Now, this is based on the principles of the Law of Attraction (LoA). If you believe that you already have what you seek, then there is a certainty that you will have it. The concern is that we are unable to be focused on what we want for long enough. We bounce into what we don’t want pretty often, and that impedes our progress. So, the idea is to lessen the “don’t want” side of the goal and stay put on the “want” side.

If we can manage that, we are sorted in achieving our goals. Now you understand why all the positivity coaches and gurus ask you to be goal-focused? Be focused on the goal hard enough that your reality will have to bend to bring it to you.

But what do you do if you keep slipping to the not-so-good feeling side of your goals?

Go Back to “Why You Started”

Most of us are good at making goals but bad at revisiting them. Once you make your new year goal, how many of you go back and check where you are with respect to your goal/s? Not many. And that’s the issue we need to deal with.

Every single time you feel like giving up or slipping away from the happiness of galloping towards your goals, just go back to why you started. By going back, I mean to remember the goals and what motivated you to start.

You may have had a goal to lose weight. As you go through the days, it may feel tough to lose weight. You may feel like it is not working. You may think that you aren’t going anywhere with your regime, but these are the times for you to recalibrate. Go back to why you started. You wanted to be fit, look good, be healthy, take care of your family in the pink of health, or numerous other reasons. Go back and remind yourself why you started. That would help you to jump out of the downward spiral and focus back on your goals. And that’s it - you are back on track.

When you feel down, ensure you go back and check “why you started”. That will put things back on track. 😊

Keep Believing and Keep Recalibrating

Stay focused on your goals, believe you have already achieved it and in times of tribulation, go back to the feelings when you started. This is a sure-shot way to stay focused and achieve your goals. Everything is possible when you believe. So believe.

Have fun with your goals, and keep moving forward with joy!



Image Courtesy: Mohamed Hassan at Pixabay


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I do agree. If you feel like giving up, just think of the things that motivated you to start in the first place. I really relate to this.

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3 years ago

Yeah, that's the mantra I use whenever I get off my usual routine. Go back to the reason. After that, you are back to going ahead full force. :)

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3 years ago