Two Important Lessons for Individuals Using Energy Exercises

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What Are Energy Exercises?

Okay, before we get started discussing the important lessons, let’s first understand what energy exercises are. Much like physical exercises are meant for the body and mind while emphasizing the body, energy exercises are its complementary form. Energy exercises too work on the body and mind but emphasize the mind.

With physical exercise, we run with the idea that when we are physically fit, we tune the mind to be fit. On the other hand, energy exercises work on the notion that physical fitness will follow when we are mentally fit. Both are true, and we can understand them with an example.

You have put on so much weight that you find it difficult to walk. You continue with your lifestyle until you see a friend who is starting to lose weight. You get motivated and start doing physical exercises to lose those extra pounds. You succeed, and that makes you further motivated, and you stop eating junk. You stop drinking those colas and increase your exercise time. Basically, you get into a virtuous cycle where you started with your body (physical exercise) and ended up working over your body and mind.

Now, energy exercises are a bit different. Here, you know that you are fat and you need to get fit. You are not motivated, though. You turn to energy exercise to clear your mind from the blockages which prevent you from getting fit. When you do that (and there are enough tools out there), you find the energy to get going. You then start your physical journey and end up becoming fit. In the end, starting with the mind, you ended up being physically and mentally fit.

So, then which should we use?

Which Exercise is more Potent?

While both forms of exercise – physical and energy – have their own merits, energy exercise scores over the physical one. It starts with the understanding that we are energy beings and not physical (or at least not just physical). When we start to undo the blocks that we had put on our energy flow, the outcome is many folds more. In that sense, energy exercises are more potent.

Then why don’t people use it? Well, many do not even know that energy exercises exist. If you look through the net, there are many energy exercises – Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Meditation, Third Eye Focus, and many more. The idea in each is to identify our energy blocks and deal with them. Once dealt with, the energy flow improved, and we became more of who we always wished we were.

So, then what were the lessons that I learned?

My Lessons in Energy Exercises

Lesson 1: The Source of our blocks are not to be blamed

In Energy exercises, to undo the blocks, we have to go down memory lane to understand where we picked up an experience. For example, you could fear public speaking, but we were not born with the fear of public or speaking. Then how did we develop the fear? During energy exercise, we may conclude that our dad being unhappy with our speech was one reason for the fear. If that is so, then we have to deal with that fear. This is exactly what EFT or NLP, or other programs help us with.

Here is the thing, though – for long, I took my source to be the reason for my shortcomings from these energy exercises. But that was farthest from the truth. How do I know that my dad wasn’t trying to help me back then? What if I had taken his suggestions and would have become a great speaker instead of fearing public speaking?

So, it was a perspective issue. Even an attempt to help by the other party could be construed as interruption or opposition by us. Therefore, we must clear the other party of blame when we do the energy exercises. They are not responsible for whatever happened to us. It is our perspective that was erroneous, leading to whatever happened. Remember this!

Lesson 2: The Event, Circumstance, or Person that led to the block are not always that way

Let’s retake the above example. My father was unhappy with my speech, and that caused me to be afraid of public speaking. Now, I went one step further and put in beliefs like, “dad hates me”, “dad is not great in encouraging me”, “dad is quite pessimistic” and the likes. But from your level of maturity, you would know that none of them were true. All that dad wanted to do was help me get better.

Besides, I know for sure, that my dad loves me, and I know he is great at encouraging me and others (since he is a teacher), so why did I attribute the above phrases to him? This was a learning for me.

During the energy exercise, we may get into the victim mode, and as we come out of the blocks, we may assume the person or event responsible for the block to be the villain. But this is not true. So, stay clear of blaming anybody or creating a perspective at that point and attribute only love to the entire exercise, to both – your past and present.

So, that’s It..

Keep in mind that energy exercises are the most potent ones and talk directly to our being. While clearing ourselves of the past, we need to be certain that we don’t pick up biases against the event, situation, or person.

So, that’s all. Keep doing the energy exercises and keep improving yourself with clear intent. Past is past and is gone long back!


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