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The Law of Attraction and the Power Within

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2 months ago

Law of Attraction

I have written enough on the Law of Attraction (LoA) subject and how it impacts our lives. Whether we believe it or not, the LoA always works and keeps giving us what we ask for. The asking here is not the verbal asking but the emotional one; I mean, the feelings we have when we think about the subject we yearn for is what we call emotional ask. If it is money that we are after and feel scared of its unavailability, we will get more of the unavailability. Note that the feeling of “fear of unavailability” is your ask.

The LoA is now understood by most, and people know that how we feel impacts the outcome. Yet, we still wallow in self-pity, victimized feelings, and negative self-talk. While all these affect your current condition, they further have an impact on what you are attracting. So, think about it. You are attracting more self-pity and other negative situations.

A closer look at this made me realize that we need to realize one more thing about ourselves. What is it, you ask?

Let’s look at that.

The Realization of Power Within Us

You may ask, how does it help to know that we have the power within us? Let me answer by saying that many don’t even such a thing exists. I say that is because we are so used to victimhood, blaming it on everyone other than us for things happening to us and self-pity that we never believe we can do anything by ourselves.

What does that mean? It means that we will never believe that we can improve our own situation. We will always think that we are at the mercy of someone else outside of us for things to work out. If that is the case, can you ever believe you can earn millions if you are struggling to make money today? The chances are that you would never believe that you can change your situation.

This is exactly why you need to realize that you have the power within you. You are in a situation caused by you. Read that again. You are not in a situation caused by anyone outside of you – not your neighbor, not your government, not that greedy businessman, and not your neighbor's dog. The last one was in a lighter context, but you get the point, don’t you? You are poor because of you. You are unhealthy because of you. You are struggling because of you. I know this sounds bad and causes despair, but it also gives you strength.

Think about it. Don’t you realize that you have the power to cause whatever happened to you so far? If so, wouldn’t it be exciting to know that you can change the story, and therefore, the outcome? I am sure it is. That’s exactly what feeling the power within is all about.

The Law of Attraction and the Power Within

Let’s now tie up LoA and the Power within. LoA responds to your feelings. Suppose you feel like a victim, then LoA will give you more reasons to confirm that you are a victim and why you would continue to remain a victim. However, if you believe you have the power to change your condition, then viola, you are set up for success.

Now, see what happens. You realize that you have been in an unfavorable situation, and you now believe you can change it. The LoA picks up your feelings and sends you situations that confirm that you can change your condition. As such, the changes continue until you become or have what you want. And guess what? All this started with your belief that you have the power to change things around you or for yourself. How good is that?

Also, power within is not a myth but a reality. Whether you are religious or not or with any other beliefs, the fact is that we are powered from the inside. There are enough and more reasons to accept this and see your world transform in front of you. I will talk a bit more about this in the next article, but for now, believe that you can change things for yourself.

Get that?

So, use your Power and benefit from LoA

Then what are you waiting for? Take charge and ask what you want to change in your life, and watch how the LoA works like a genie to fulfill your wish.

Have fun living your life!


Image Courtesy: Yassay @pixabay

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Written by   32
2 months ago
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That' a good analogy @tmilka! Don't fill your mind with trash and then you are in a better position to progress ahead! :)

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2 months ago

I love the power of the subconscious and the law of attraction. I read a lot of books. It really works if you approach it properly. If you put a diamond in a box it becomes a jewelry box. If you put an apple bite in the box it becomes a trash can. So be careful what you fill your head with.

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2 months ago