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How to Pray? – Believe, Affirm and Thank!

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3 months ago

Why Pray?

More often than not, we had been conditioned to believe that we were to ask from God that which we do not have. Of course, that includes me too, and that’s how I been praying for long. Did it work? Yes, it did. Then why are we looking at how to pray? Because it did not work always.

Well, the idea of how to pray comes from the aspect of what the Bible says:

Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. – Matthew 11:24

That explains why I did not have my prayers answered always. So, if you look at the saying, wouldn’t you want to ask while believing that it is already yours? If so, how will that change your prayer? Wouldn’t you rather be thanking God that you have already received what you ask for? Does that make sense? I guess for some.

So, let’s look at it a bit closer.

Praying the way we know

I had always been conditioned to pray from a sense of lack, a sense of not having what I want. The problem with that is that I will have a lot of negative emotions associated with it. For example, if it is money that I am asking for and there is a feeling of lack, then there will be fear, anxiety and worry too. That means I will be praying with utmost certainty that I will not get it, isn’t it? Think about it. If I were praying with the certainty of getting it, then wouldn’t I be joyous and of good cheer? I would, for sure. This is what the Bible verse says.

We need to come out of the traditional form of prayer. We have to quit being anxious and in a sense of lack. We need to believe that what we pray for is already there with us and in doing so, feel great about what we have asked. Isn’t that “faith” too? You will indeed be of good cheer if you believe what you have asked for has been granted.

Here is where we also need to understand that prayer is not just about verbal asking but also feeling.

Prayer is What we Feel?

Wouldn’t you have witnessed situations where you just hoped for something and the very next minute, or day, you had it? You would have told someone that you were just hoping for that very thing, and it appeared miraculously. Remember such situations? I am sure many do. What does that tell you? It tells you that your praying (or asking) is not just limited to your verbal asks from God but also the feeling of wanting something.

So, prayer is not limited to verbal asks but also emotional asks which a person may experience through the day. In other words, every single time you have an ask or a feeling of need, it is already a prayer even before you speak it out verbally.

But how do we put all this knowledge to use? Let’s look at that.

Praying – the Right Way

Now, we know that we are praying at all times, even when thinking about something we want. So, we might as well, think of thing/s that we want and believe it is already with us and in doing so, we would have it sooner than later.

And that's how we pray in an ideal way to God and be cheer!



Image Courtesy: Barbara Jackson@pixabay


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Written by   32
3 months ago
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I am praying every day.....God and pray helps me to live better life.

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3 months ago